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The last quarter of the year is the most ideal for parties - there are Halloween, Thanksgiving (for Americans), Christmas and New Year's Eve parties that indicate multiple celebrations. Party supply stores generate a large chunk of their yearly income during this period of the year. However, if you want a more practical approach to hosting parties, you do not have to purchase party decorating supplies; with some creativity, you can throw parties that have the right ambience just with the items you already have at home and your home's own lighting. Online blog posts, images and videos provide innovative lighting ideas that you can use for your parties.
For Halloween, the "floating ghosts" are known to spook trick-or-treaters. Floating ghosts are made with dimmed lights, white sheets of fabric or women's night gowns; you either drape the sheet over a lamp or strategically hang it under a down light. For something eerier, you can create a ghost tree by taking out whatever lighting strip you have, hanging it on tree branches and placing nightgowns underneath the lights. With cool night wind blowing, anybody who'll see it will surely get scared senseless.
For Christmas, the celebration is not complete without proper lighting. First of all, lights symbolise the medieval belief of creating a home that's welcoming to the Baby Jesus looking for a place to lay his head. Secondly, lights signify that Jesus is the Light of the World that came down to earth. Thirdly, lights symbolise the Star of Bethlehem. If you want your home's lighting to represent something other than the religious foundation of the season, you can focus on the traditional winter wonderland theme. You can create more sparkle in your home by accentuating your lights with winter-themed elements like crystals for snow or cut-outs of snowflakes, reindeer, Santa, candy canes and gifts. Stick the cut-outs on the cover of your down lights for a nice play of light and shade.
Another idea would be to create frozen luminarias that just require an old soda container, a bowl, water, twigs and berries that you can get from your backyard and a usual wax and wick candle or "beeswax" candles with flickering LEDs. These frozen luminarias are ideal for outdoor parties.
To celebrate the New Year, you can create different colours of lights by placing cellophane (or old candy wrappers) under your down lights or hanging shiny ribbons. To create a shadow Happy New Year message, replace your lampshade with paper with the cut-out of the letter.
Parties to celebrate the season don't have to be excessively costly; the important thing to remember is that creativity goes along way and you can breathe new life and appeal to the things present around you.

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