Can I Upgrade to LED with Direct Replacement Bulbs?

There are many considerations to make when upgrading to LED lighting, but none of them should make you hesitate the initial decision. LED lighting is safer, faster, cheaper and more efficient than rival technologies such as metal halide and high pressure sodium hardware.


When considering whether you can upgrade to LED with direct replacement bulbs, the answer isn’t found in the bulb you buy. To know how we can upgrade, we need to look at the fixtures.

How can you upgrade to LED?

LED lighting is a relatively new technology, certainly in terms of availability and affordability. Factories, factories, warehouses and other industrial sites where they may be installed are not always up to date. This leads to the installation of LED lighting in three main ways:

Replace the LED directly: if the light fixture supports the new bulb, you will be able to insert the bulb directly without modifying the fixture. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to upgrade to LED lighting. The main reason it's cheaper is because you don't have to hire extra help for the installation.
Modification: modification requires the use of existing fixtures and modification kits. The kit includes a bracket and socket for bypassing the ballast. Ballasts are used to control the flow of current into the bulb, which is important for high-intensity discharge bulbs. Leds do not need ballasts because they use less energy to achieve better brightness.
New fixture: if your fixture is outdated, direct replacement or modification will not work, we can install a new fixture. This requires more effort on the installation side, but in the long run, money can still be saved by upgrading.

To determine whether you can install a direct replacement LED, you need to check the bulb accessories you want to purchase. You also need to make sure you have the right bulbs for your needs. Industrial space will have more considerations than other commercial or private properties. You can contact us if you are considering upgrading to discuss your equipment and furniture.

The advantage of replacing the light bulb directly

You may have a lighting system that fits your needs, so you don't need to consider new lighting. Direct replacement works by directly inserting the old fixture and working immediately. You will be able to perform the installation yourself, and probably only pay for the product.

Once installed and replaced directly, they can work like previous lighting systems and make some fundamental differences. Your light quality will be better, using the lens Angle and clearer light to ensure a brighter and safer working environment. You'll save money on monthly energy bills, you'll benefit the planet by saving energy, and the bulbs will last longer without losing lumens.

Disadvantages of replacing light bulbs directly

The only real downside to replacing a light bulb directly depends on the quality of the existing light fixture. LED lighting has further advantages in its programming capabilities. You can set the time, use motion sensors, and use the right technology to change the type of light emitted. If your light fixture is unable to handle these tasks, then you may need to consider updating the new fixture to take advantage of them.

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