Outdoor Lights: Adding Grace and Beauty to Your Landscaping

Lighting and illumination are not merely functional requirements for homes and offices. Placed artistically, chosen for their aesthetic quality and maintained well, they add value and beauty to your exterior spaces like garden, pool-side, courtyard, veranda, porch, yard or lawn, create a specific mood or ambiance and make a style statement.
One factor to keep in mind is the general look of your home or office, provide a warm, welcoming feel and to match the outdoor lights correspondingly. For instance, if you have antique lighting inside, then ultra-modern exterior lighting may clash with it. Do a thorough assessment of your exterior space and identify the appropriate points at which lights should be placed. The size and style of your building is also an important factor as too much or too little lighting would be ineffective. Another point to consider is that exterior lights should also contribute to a feeling of safety and security by keeping dark or shaded areas well-lit and visible from inside and also from the street. If you have a large area that needs lighting, it's a good idea to divide it up into sections and provide appropriate lights. Keep your neighbors in mind when you place your lights as you don't want to disturb them.
Materials: A wide range of materials can be used to manufacture outdoor lighting fixtures. The main criterion is weather-resistance. Aluminum both die-cast and anodized, powder-coated steel, wrought iron, copper, antique finished bronze or brass, treated hardwoods like teak, tough polyurethane resins which can be molded into different shapes, etc are the materials chosen by manufacturers. Fitments are made of rust-proof stainless steel or toughened PVC, while wiring and conduits are made of weather-proof plastic. If you're located close to the sea, you will have to keep in mind the problem of salt-corrosion in mind. Since outdoor lights are wired underground, your conduits need to be able to withstand water, heat, cold and pressure.
Types: Post-mounted lights are suitable along driveways and you can purchase posts to match the fixture. Wall-mounted outdoor lights are for your basement, sides of the building, garage or back-entrance. These are ideal for security reasons. Porches can be fitted with ceiling mounted or hanging outdoor lights. Deck lights, outdoor chandeliers and garden lights are other options for your exteriors.
Style: is your personal statement. You can choose contemporary, antique, classic, etc in a variety of colors and finishes. Glass can be clear or frosted and the bulb wattage can be suited to your budget and needs. Solar lights and CFL bulbs are very popular and can cut your lighting costs considerably.
You can select fittings from your local dealer or order them from on-line catalogs. Many of them offer discounts on shipping or offer to install free installation.

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