The Status Of LED Illumination

Many people consider that the technology of the LED industry mainly concentrates in the chip field, and the other fields, which also have high technology, are always ignored. Facts proved that the development of other fields can drive the development of the chip production.
From the epitaxial slice to the products, the LED must experience so many links of industry chain, such as the manufacturing and packing of the chip, the design of the products. The chip manufacturing is just a link among them. On one hand, every link of the industry chain has its own independent products and research demands from the epitaxial slice to the application of the products; on the other hand, the application of the products will be influenced by every link. With the development of the technology, the semiconductor illumination has so many advantages when compared with the traditional lighting source, such as the illumination efficiency and quality, the design and so on. Therefore, the market of semiconductor illumination is expanding quickly. The expansion of the market will drive the investment increase, thus the technique will also be improved to reduce the price. It is predicated that the sales of the LED market will reach 17.449billion US dollar.
The LED illumination is mainly used for the manufacturing of lights and the controlling system. Its technique comes through the design and radiating most. Actually, many corporation of the LED illumination are facing the radiating problem. The final application of the products is the touch stone, for example, the illumination of the semiconductor light reaches 100lm/W, but the customers may not accept the light. Apart from the light, there are other problems need to be studied, such as the color rendering and the comfort of the eye. Currently, the street light of LED illumination is comparatively mature, which is widely accepted. It is predicated that the sales of the LED Street light will reach 261million in the year of 2010 all over the world. The related integrated circuit is OV-7604-C7.

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