how car dealerships are recognizing led lighting benefits

As car dealerships consolidate and the market for new car sales becomes more competitive, auto dealers are looking for new ways to make their car lots appear more attractive and inviting to car shoppers. LED lighting benefits that include brighter lots and showrooms, illumination that emphasizes fine details and colors of their products are helping auto dealer to accomplish this. Moreover, LED lighting can reduce an auto dealer’s operating and maintenance costs, and those savings contribute directly to the dealer’s bottom line.

LED Lighting Benefits for Car Dealerships

The internet has effectively democratized auto pricing. Car buyers can do online research to determine how much they should spend on a car, which pushes auto dealers to compete more on the basis of their services and the appearances and atmospheres of their showrooms and lots. One of the most significant LED lighting benefits that an auto dealer will realize is that brighter and better lighting creates a more inviting facility that attracts car shoppers.

LED lighting can be configured in auto dealer lots to eliminate shadows and dark spots between cars and to highlight the colors and features of displayed vehicles. Auto dealer have previously relied on metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights mounted on tall light standards to illuminate their lots, but those lights produced uneven lighting across the lots, leaving some cars in shadows while others were in the cross-hairs of a harsh and glaring outdoor light fixture. LED lights can be better controlled to shed uniform light across a lot with directional bulbs and fixtures and frosted lenses. Colors will also appear more vivid under LED lighting that can be color-tuned to replicate natural sunlight.    

The LED lighting benefits in interior showrooms are no less dramatic. Car buyers will feel more comfortable when interior showrooms and offices are lit with warmer lighting. Interior commercial LED lighting with a warmer color profile and a correspondingly lower color temperature will place car buyers at ease when they are negotiating the details of their auto purchases. An auto dealer can also combine brighter and higher color temperature LED lights to show off cars that are displayed in an interior showroom, and the warmer LED lighting in office areas that adds to a car buyer’s comfort.

Perhaps the most significant LED lighting benefits that auto dealers realize are financial and ecological. LED lights generate the same amount of light as traditional artificial illumination at less than half the operating cost. An auto dealer’s electricity utility bill will drop immediately after a transition to LED lighting, and in most cases, the auto dealer will recoup its upfront costs for installing LED lighting in under two years. LED bulbs also continue to perform without any performance degradation for more than 50,000 hours of operation, and in some cases for more than 100,000 hours. The auto dealer’s lighting maintenance and repair will also go down with LED lights.

The auto industry is going to great lengths to reduce its carbon footprint with hybrid cars and electric vehicles that minimize carbon emissions. Auto dealers can join these efforts by installing LED lights on their lots and in their showrooms. LED bulbs utilize no hazardous materials and will create no landfill problems when they need to be replaced several years into the future. Because they utilize less energy to generate the same amount of light, LED bulbs place a lower demand on power generation plants, which further reduces carbon emissions. Some states even offer grants and other financial incentives for businesses to adopt lower-emission technologies like LED lights. An auto dealer’s upfront costs of transitioning to LED’s can be reduced with those incentives.  

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