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Industrial facilities have a great need for proper outdoor lighting to provide safety and security for the persons working at night and the property itself. Pathways around and leading to the industrial facilities should have ample lighting in order to give safe passage to the people going in and out of the premises. However, the provision of lighting for the outdoors is not that simple. It requires good understanding of the lighting effects in nearby communities, roads and other facilities. In some cases, improper use of outdoor lights affects the nighttime settings in many ways, sometimes causing risks to motorists through glare and unwanted distraction.
When choosing industrial outdoor lighting for your facility, it is important to consider the type of lighting that will eliminate wasted light, reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, and one that will bring balance to the night and give quality appearance to the environment when the sun sets. A lot of new energy-efficient lighting systems are available in the market. Most electrical companies and manufacturers can even customize according to specific needs of an industrial facility.
One of the most energy-efficient industrial lighting for outside use is the LEDs or the light emitting diodes. LEDs are used in almost all lighting applications - residential, sports, outdoor, industrial, street lighting, and many more. While the initial cost of using LED lights is higher than other traditional types of lighting, the long-term benefits will outweigh the high purchase cost. Used for industrial outdoor lighting, LED will give the industrial facility the following benefits:
LED lights provide up to 90% light output, an energy efficiency not matched by other types of light. A halogen lamp, for instance will only give out 10% light output with the 90% used up into heat. This reason alone can be cost-effective for industrial facilities because air conditioning use can be lowered because of the less heat produced. In terms of maintenance costs, LEDs will greatly reduce them because they can last up to 100,000 hours, requiring less frequent lamp replacement. LEDs are extremely durable. They have no filaments so there is no danger of breakage caused by vibration or shock. They also allow for fast switching with full brightness at instant start. Additionally, LED lights are eco-friendly because they do not contain mercury or other harmful or toxic gasses.
While other industrial facilities often use metal halide floodlights for lighting in open spaces, most of them are retrofitting their flood lights with LED lights. Their low maintenance requirement and almost no-need for replacement edge over other types of floodlights are the main reasons for the shift to LED retrofitted lighting. And because illumination or distribution of light can be controlled even in outdoor settings, there is less chance of creating any hazards for the nearby roads, pathways or neighborhood. Safety and security are achieved because LED lights can be switched on 24/7 without causing electricity bills to increase or reducing its lamp lifespan. Aside from energy efficiency, environmental concerns are properly addressed and taken care of. All of these make LED lights the best lighting option for outdoor industrial facilities.

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