Choosing the Right Brightness Level for Office Lighting Fixtures

Choosing the right level of brightness for your office means balancing cost, comfort and efficiency. If the office is too dark, your employees will want to pass out, but dealing with complaints that the lights are too bright can also be distracting. You also need efficient lighting, because if they're day-to-day, you'll want to manage the cost of your electricity bill. You need durable, efficient, simple office lights that allow you and your staff to focus and function at their best. Superior Lighting provides LED lights for offices, warehouses, parking lots and any other areas your workplace may contain.

Efficient LED lights for offices
These efficient LED office lights provide simple and effective overhead lighting for the workplace. Leds are often superior to incandescent bulbs because they are many times more efficient at using energy. Both employees and employers tend to opt for fluorescent lights because they are much more comfortable in eye colour. Fluorescent lights tend to produce flickering effects and buzz that can distract and irritate people for a long time. Leds provide clean, uniform lighting levels while controlling costs by improving energy efficiency.

Soft ambient LED lighting for the workplace
These LED lighting fixtures provide soft ambient lighting for schools, offices, hospitals, airports, grocery stores, bus stops or any large space where people need general lighting. The lens and lighting of this lamp are designed to provide a soft and natural feel. The lamp design automatically sets the lighting at the correct level. Ambient lighting is something you want to do because in high-traffic areas, if you don't, you're almost guaranteed to hear complaints about it.

LED ceiling lights for storage and corridors
These motion-activated LED lights provide the perfect level of illumination for corridors and storeroom, used only occasionally. They also close when no one is present. This makes them very energy efficient and ideal for occasional rooms, stairwells and corridors. They are also dimmable, allowing you to set them to any light level you need or like.

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