The Ultimate Household LED Bulb Replacement Guide

If you are looking for energy saving bulbs, this LED bulb replacement guide is the perfect way to feel the type you need. Aside from finding the right bulb for the socket, with the right voltage and wattage, there is no rule list of what bulbs to use in a particular fixture. This guide shows that different types of light bulbs can be required or accepted even for the same type of luminaire. LED replacement bulbs come in a variety of wattages, strengths, voltages and basic types; They can even emit different colors of light. You are free to choose the bulb that suits your needs, and there are many options available.

Clicking on each image below will take you to a lightbulb-like page. Keep in mind that this article only covers the surface of the LED bulbs available. If you don't see what you need, use our universal LED light finder to search by bulb type, or browse our website to see hundreds of lighting options.

LED bulbs are available in all sizes, shapes and types of lights. These LED replacement bulbs are designed not only to reduce energy costs, but also to significantly outperform conventional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs. Whether you need a standard A19 bulb for table lamps, a candle-shaped bulb for decorative lights, or a PAR16 bulb for spotlights, LED replacements are available in a variety of basic types to meet your needs.



T7 has

Par16 replacement guide

The LED desk lamp

Chandeliers, wall lamps, decorative lamps and chandeliers are just some of the many decorative household fixtures that exist. LED replacement bulbs can be used to replace outdated, inefficient bulbs in these fixtures. These LED bulbs can be found in almost any size and shape, from small CA10 elbow and B10 blunt candlestick bulbs to large G80 spherical bulbs with an E26 / E27 base.






The ceiling lamp
When looking for LED alternatives to ceiling lights, there are plenty of options that don't stop at the bulb; There are LED ceiling fixtures to replace the entire incandescent fixture. Although there are many types to choose from, the most common skylight bulb is the A19 with a standard E26 / E27 base. Replacing the A19 LED bulbs comes in a variety of designs, from glass filament to frosted pattern. They can emit many shades of white light, even using RGB leds, and they can emit light in almost any color.

Ceiling lamp replacement guide

B10 bedroom

A19 ceiling fan

A19 ceiling fixtures

The G14

Track light
Track lamps can be found in many homes and can provide accurate lighting where needed. These fixtures almost always contain MR16 or MR11 spotlight bulbs. In addition to track lights, these bulbs are commonly used for embedded lamps, chandeliers, display cabinets and table lamps. The MR16 and MR11 LED replacement bulbs have a GU10 or GX5.3 double pin base and are available in a variety of styles and LED configurations.


MR16 2


Light and eyeball fixers can be found in millions of homes. Traditionally, they contain PAR halogen bulbs or BR incandescent bulbs. These bulbs come in several sizes, each with its own set of functions. While PAR bulbs are ideal for spot lighting, BR bulbs typically have a broad floodlight pattern and allow for more gradual dilution of light. LED replacement PAR and BR bulbs have the same function, but are more energy efficient and last longer. If you want to completely abandon the idea of replacing a light bulb, you can easily replace the entire light fixture with a variety of types of embedded LED fixtures.




BR40 CAN light

BR30 CAN light

Basement lights and garage lights
The lack of Windows increases the demand for good lighting in the basement and garage. Common fluorescent or incandescent bulbs can be replaced with LED T8 bulbs, corn light bulbs, panel lamps, work lamps or j-box ceiling fixtures. Unlike fluorescent lamps, which emit yellow-green tones of light, these LED replacement bulbs and lamps have a higher color rendering index (CRI), which is the key to showing the true color of objects and their surroundings. They give out clear, bright lighting and you don't have to worry about replacing them for long periods of time.

Basement t8 replacement guide

T8 LED panel

Basement light replacement guide

A19 corn lamp


Garage light replacement guide

Porch lights and spotlights (outdoor)
LED replacement bulbs and lamps are great for porch, column, safety and spot lights. There is no fixed bulb for all types of outdoor lighting. For example, the porch light may be able to accommodate any bulb with an E26 / E27 base, which means that if you want to install standard A19 LED bulbs, G30 bulbs, ST18 bulbs, or any other LED, depending on your bulb type - as long as the bulb is at the right voltage and has enough space. However, some fixtures are designed for specific types of bulbs. Due to their shape and spot beam pattern, PAR bulbs are best suited for safety lamps. You can buy a full LED lamp by completely eliminating the bulb.


Safety lamp replacement guide




Vanity lamp (bathroom equipment)
Vanity lamps do not always contain spherical bulbs. In fact, these lamps may require any type of light bulb, any basic type, from a B10 with a candlestick holder to a G9 LED with a double needle holder. LED replacement bulbs come in a variety of color temperatures, styles, and intensities, and are ideal for any bathroom or vanity fixture.





Inside the lamp
The last place you need bad light is the kitchen. Besides sending out brighter light, use linear LED strip, the lamps and lanterns inside ark or strip lamp replaces the lamps and lanterns below fluorescent lamp ark to still can eliminate annoying twinkle and delay to be connected time. If you're happy with the fixture and just want to upgrade its bulbs, you can choose from a variety of LED options.

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