A Guide To Choosing the Best Light Bulbs To Suit Your Needs

Going to the store to purchase light bulbs is not as easy as it used to be. Today the purchaser must make the decision on not just the voltage, size, shape, and type, but also the energy efficiency and price.
There are basically four different types of light bulbs on the market today. They are the incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and compact fluorescent.
The incandescent is currently the most purchased type on the market and it is the type most commonly used in homes. This bulb produces a steady, stable, and warm light. This will become hot to the touch if it is left on for a period of time. The incandescent is the least expensive and comes in wide variety of wattages, shapes, and voltage. This lasts an average of 7000 to 1000 hours. It also works well with a dimmer switch.
The halogen bulb produces a 50 percent brighter white light than the incandescent bulb using the same amount of energy. Care must be taken when handling the halogen bulb because if it is touched by the human hand the glass will weaken and the life of the bulb will be shortened. This type of bulb also burns at a high temperature and could be a possible fire hazard.
The fluorescent produces a soft and diffused light. These bulbs are available in many shades of white and are tubular in shape. Compared to the incandescent and halogen bulb, the fluorescent gives off less heat. The fluorescent bulb is an excellent choice for general lighting and lasts about 18 hours longer than the incandescent and is also 80 percent more energy efficient. This type of is good for lighting large areas such as a basement or garage of the home.
The compact fluorescent is the most modern method of lighting. These bulbs produce a soft white light, available in a variety of sizes and shapes though most tend to be made up of short glass sticks or in a series of two or three tubular loops. The compact fluorescent bulbs are known for the energy efficiency and long life. It uses 75 percent less energy than the incandescent. The longevity associated with this bulb is approximately 8 years, far longer than any other type. Due to their longevity and energy efficiency this is the most expensive bulb on the market.
The next time you go shopping for light bulbs for your home, be prepared to be faced with several choices.

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