Solar LED Lighting: A Revolutionary Green Technology

A revolution in the ways we light our homes is solar LED lighting. These bulbs use energy from the sun to power the light emitting diodes, which in turn serves as one of the most feasible and economical options for lighting your home. These lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorations. A major advantage of using these lights is that it saves a huge amount on your electricity bills during festive seasons, when the consumption of electricity is generally high. When it comes to solar LED lighting, they are not just used on special occasions, but, some people use these lights to decorate their outdoors round the year. Thus you can see that while these lights are advantageous for household decorations, on a larger scale, it helps to preserve non renewable fuels from running out in near future.
How do these lights function?
Solar LED lighting use semiconductor diodes that emit light on being charged with the solar energy. You can find loads of designs and shapes of these bulbs; often these bulbs glow different colors depending on the chemical composition of the electrodes used in them. These bulbs are generally energy efficient as compared to fluorescent bulbs or incandescent lights.
What are the basic features?
You can use solar LED lighting to accentuate landscapes in front of your home or can also use those for lighting pathways, porch and backyard. These lights are often found with automatic photo-sensor technologies and motion sensors. While these lights are most appropriate for use by residents, being economical these are often used for commercial or street lights. These lights save energy; the quality of light is not compromised i.e. you get the desired amount of illumination from these bulbs as you get from the ones that are run by electricity.
What are the benefits and potentials?
Such is the amount of importance that is given to the use of solar LED lighting that the US Department of Energy has introduced a competition - Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize. Through this competition the government has pledged to offer millions of dollars as prize money for the introduction and use of solar LED lighting technology to replace incandescent bulbs.

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