What Are The Various Uses Of Solar String Lights?

Among the variety of solar powered outdoor lights, the solar string lights are fast becoming popular and today these luminaries are amongst the bestseller items for decorating outdoor areas. These luminaries are also known as patio lights and are used for decorating the garden, the pathway and the lawn in front of the house. There are various shapes and sizes of such luminaries and are hanged in parallel with each other in a string. The bulbs are placed a foot or so apart and provides a magnificent look to your outdoors at night. These bulbs are often covered in decorative globes or covers with varied designs to enhance the look of your outdoors. You can choose solar string lights according to the materials that go into the making of their covers - plastic, paper or glass. These days however, there is a trend of creating various patterns with these luminaries. You can find a wide array of different patterns - from pink flamingos to red hot chili peppers!
It is exciting to see luminaries hanging from your porch or the trees around. It creates a magnificent view and thus, can be used during special occasion or evening parties at home. These luminaries have a welcoming accent that sets it apart from the other types of outdoor lighting available these days. Moreover, the solar string lights are energy efficient and thus can save a lot on your electricity bills. These lighting fittings can be used in a few different ways, here is a short discussion regarding it -
* Patio and deck lighting
You can use the string luminaries in a number of places like in railings, can be embedded along pathways, under umbrellas, hand those from the roof or twirl those around bars. There are a multitude of solar string bulbs available from sophisticated hand-blown glass luminaries to palm trees. With such a wide range of lights you can set the desired mood in your garden or backyard.
* Accent lighting
Try twirling and draping these solar string lights around trees, flowerbeds, shrubs or fountains. You can do this without the fear of a short circuit; these luminaries being powered by solar energy do not emit much heat too. So these are safe to wind around vegetation in the garden. Hanging these solar string lights would efficiently accentuate the special features of your garden and attract eyeballs to your precious collections.

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