Jewelry Trends for Thanksgiving Day 2011

Necklace: Chokers, Statement Necklaces, Single Strand Pieces and Vintage Pieces are a popular choice this fall. Old favorites as well as some new designs are available in market. Individual chains are piled on to create the look of layered chains. This will give you more flexibility in terms of the look you want to create. You can add long pearl strings in different colors to match your dress.
For gifting purpose, you can go for something simple and attractive like Diamond Heart Necklace. This will look great on Thanksgiving Day dress as well as casuals.
Earrings: Chandelier earrings have returned. This season's top styles include chandelier earrings, diamond dangling earrings, tassels, and large diamond hoop earrings. Earrings can add a glamorous look to your personality and makes your look complete. One should go with streamlined and light weight chandelier earrings or diamond dangling earrings.
For gifting purpose, something simple and attractive like diamond and pearl earrings or diamond cluster earrings as these blend with all outfits.
Rings: One of the ring trends that has come of age and has lasted many seasons is the Cocktail Ring. Big and bold cocktail rings are liked by women, as just one big cocktail ring can brighten up her look. A Contemporary Diamond Right Hand Ring is also popular and it's a gift she can wear every day.
Bangles and Bracelets: In Bangles, chunky styles and bold cuffs are quite popular. Stack of big bangles and bold enamel bracelets are quite in trend. Mismatched bracelets are a hit, so it's good news as you can mix some of your old bracelets to create a new look.
Gemstones, Colored Diamonds and Fancy Shapes: Precious or semi-precious, gemstones are also very popular. Sapphire and diamond rings and jewelry is true celebration of well-being and thus is a good Thanksgiving gift. Best thing about sapphire is that it blends well with all types of jewelry like a ring, pendant or earring.
Instead of smaller diamond set in pave setting, flavor of this season is bigger diamonds in prong setting. Different diamonds shapes apart from round brilliant cut are very much in trend with colored diamonds adding an extra oomph to your piece of jewelry!
However, if you are still in thinking mode and not feeling confident enough on what to buy, then play it safe and go with a classic style. You will really never be at loss with a classic piece of jewelry - the solitaire diamond jewelry. Diamond solitaire rings and diamond solitaire necklace has always been popular and will be for years to come.
So, have a great time on Thanksgiving and enjoy with your loved ones.

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