How to Wear Statement Jewelry - A Guide for Us All

Do you love the look of those stacked bangles, big cocktail rings and long dangle earrings but aren't sure how to pair them with your clothing and accessories? While it may be tempting to load up on those gorgeous, glittery baubles en masse, you want to make sure you're wearing your jewelry and it's not wearing you. When it comes to jewelry and accessories, less is more, and this sentiment, while somewhat cliche, has never been more true. Nothing can pack quite the punch that bold statement jewelry can, especially for the low prices you'll pay in comparison to diamonds and fine jewelry. Another reason I love fashion jewelry: it's a huge a timesaver. If you're low on ideas for a memorable outfit, simply throw on something basic, add a statement piece or two, and voil?�: you've got a look that's on-trend, yet easy. Now let's dive into some basic guidelines to ensure you'll always look polished, never scattered.
Nobody loves a giant, sparkly cocktail ring more than I do, but if you want to combine with other jewelry, make sure you choose smaller, more delicate items so nothing else competes with the main attraction. This is a good rule to go by for all statement jewelry; it's rarely effective to pair two or more "big" items together. Let those bigger pieces command the attention they deserve. If you have small hands, make sure your ring doesn't dwarf your hand but stick to a ring that doesn't extend too far past the bottom of your knuckle. If you have large hands, a bigger cocktail ring is a breath of fresh air in a sea of small, dainty rings that don't quite measure up. Also, if you're wearing a cocktail ring, you may want to avoid a large bracelet, at least on the same arm.
With pendants and necklaces, it's all about your neckline. A good rule of thumb is never to wear necklaces that rest directly at the top edge of your shirt or dress; those tend to shift in and out of your clothing, competing with your neckline instead of complementing it. With a v-neck or boat neck top, a princess length necklace works best since it perfectly fills the open space between your neck and the top of the shirt. A choker or collar necklace looks awkward with a v-neck or boatneck, accentuating all that open space, but those lengths can look great worn under a collared shirt that is unbuttoned at the top to let the necklace peek through. If you're wearing a turtleneck, the only real option is a longer length necklace like a lariat or opera length chain. With a crew neck you have a bit more flexibility; you can go with almost any length necklace, but if you go with a collar or choker, make sure the necklace covers the top of the shirt and creates the neckline itself, otherwise it may just get lost in the shirt.
With statement bracelets you can be a little more loose and really get your creative juices flowing; after all, bold jewelry is all about having fun and expressing yourself. Feel free to mix and match different styles together, old and new, thick and thin, whatever your mood calls for. Just make sure, as with all statement jewelry, that you're not wearing an armful of bracelets along with a thick choker and a giant cocktail ring, just keep it to a couple of focal points so you don't end up looking overdone.
When selecting earrings, your face shape will be your best guide. If you have an oval face you can pretty much wear anything from short, wide hoops or long, narrow dangles. Round and square shaped faces, or those that are as wide or almost as wide as they are long, will benefit from slender, dangly earrings to elongate the face and neck. For those with long, slender faces, it's generally best to stick to shorter earrings like studs or wide dangle earrings that aren't too long. As with all statement jewelry however, don't be afraid to veer off the beaten path if you find a look you absolutely love. Wearing statement jewelry and really any jewelry at all is about feeling comfortable and looking your best, so feel free to experiment with a few different pieces to see what works best for your lifestyle, wardrobe and level of comfort.

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