Elegance Class and Light All From a Chandelier

For centuries, chandeliers have been a sign of wealth, class, and elegance. Initially relegated only to cathedrals, castles, and homes of the very wealthy, chandeliers were fairly impractical as they held candles that burned out frequently and had to be replaced by servants. With the advent of electric lighting, however, chandeliers quickly became a way not just to display glamour and class, but to effectively light a room, as well.
This month the 2,500 pound chandelier that consists of 33,000 crystals was lowered from the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee for its annual cleaning. The chandelier is the centerpiece of the theatre and visitors are often more captivated by it than by whatever performance is going on at the theater. According to Sandra Wickler, one of the volunteers cleaning the chandelier who also serves as an usher, "It's amazing. When I usher here, the people who come in who have been here just go 'wow,' and they're snapping [cameras] away, and I'm like 'yes!'" Several volunteers are helping to clean the chandelier by polishing each of the 33,000 crystals by hand. Those volunteering for the two-day cleaning project each year say that they enjoy making the chandelier shine as it was intended to.
Not every chandelier requires the care or two-day polishing of the Pabst Theater chandelier. In fact, some modern chandeliers acquire their elegance from their simplicity. Some chandeliers rely on crystals or faux crystals to help accentuate their shine, but others use metal detailing with just a few bulbs providing light. There are even wooden chandeliers that mimic the first chandeliers that consisted of wooden cross beams fitted with candles.
Regardless of style, chandeliers provide not only light but a bold stroke of elegance to any d?�cor. Once relegated primarily to dining areas, chandeliers are now gracing just about any room of a home. A chandelier can serve as the centerpiece to the room, immediately drawing attention and comment, or a chandelier can be provide lighting and a more understated tone of class and extravagance. In a smaller room, chandelier lighting can offer a chic look without overpowering the room. For a more modern look, an asymmetrical, metal and light chandelier can serve both lighting and decorative needs.
Without doubt, chandeliers have evolved since their medieval castle days. Anyone looking to combine lighting with timeless elegance can benefit from the wonderful advantages of chandelier lighting. Several online sources provide the consumer with the opportunity to browse multiple styles of chandelier lighting all from the comfort of home. Chic chandeliers in both elaborate and simple styles are available from all parts of the world.

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