How Our Portable Generator Helped Us

Not long ago I went on a camping trip with the family and brought our new portable generator. Everyone was happy when we finally reached our destination and got the camp set up before it got to dark. It had been raining so there was no chance of getting a fire going so we had to rely on the generator for our light and cooking.
That is when we first started to appreciate our new generator. We were able to cook a good meal for all of us while running a spotlight which lit up the whole area around our camping spot. The kids then started to play games and were running around enjoying the freedom of nature.
The portable generator could charge our battery
The next morning we wanted to go sightseeing around the area but unfortunately we had left the light on in the car so the battery had gone flat. Luckily we had the portable generator to charge the battery up and what a blessing that was or we would not have been able to go anywhere at all. We got a bit delayed but were all happy when we at last could get going.
But this was our first camping experience with the portable generator and I learned a few things about it in the process of how I could prepare myself differently the next time we ventured out on a trip.
Here Are a Few Tips to Take Notice Of
First of all I would keep a flash light handy so you can easily operate the generator in the dark.
I would give the generator a test run before I went on a trip so I knew exactly how to operate it if an emergency should occur.
Make sure to place the generator on something solid when in use or it will suck up all the dirt from the ground which will spoil the engine.
Bring an adequate supply of gasoline and a long extension cord because you need to have your generator well away from where people are in case of carbon monoxide poisoning.
When you are not using the generator you should cover it in case of rain and dirt. Investing in a generator is something I am very happy about and I know we will get a lot of use out of it on our future camping trips. But not only that, it does happen now and again that we have a power failure and we will not be left in the dark any more thanks to our portable generator.

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