The Pros and Cons of Gel Nails

Nicely groomed nails are a girl's best friend and one of their favourite accessories, however if just one of their nails chips or smudges this can ruin the overall appearance of the entire set. Which is why it is important to choose a strong durable nail extension such as gel nails.
The main pros when it comes to gel over alternative nail extensions such as acrylics, are that they are extremely durable in comparison and well suited to stand the test of everyday wear and tear.
Another great advantage of gel nails is that they are very natural looking and they will typically last anywhere between 2-4 weeks. This is a very long time in the false nail world for your nails to continue looking great and with longer times before reapplying is needed you can save time and money. The time before a new coat gel nails is required is only dependent on the speed at which your nails grow, which as mentioned previously is around 2-4 weeks.
The application of gel nails is also quicker than if acrylics were used, particularly if a UV light is used to cure the nails. Also with no nasty fumes, the procedure is much more pleasant.
So to summarise the pros are:
- Are extremely durable and will stand up to everyday activities with ease.
- They are natural looking and will last anywhere between 2-4 weeks before a touch up is required.
- Are quicker and easier to apply, and have no nasty smelling fumes.
As with anything in life there are always some negatives and gel nails are no different. Although I cannot express my love more I must honestly talk about both sides of the coin in order to provide you with all the facts and let you decide for yourselves what type of nail extensions you wish to learn or have applied.
They can be difficult to apply at home and in order to get the best looking nails a UV lamp is recommended. Although a UV lamp is recommended these do not cost an arm and a leg and after about 3-4 applications at home, will have paid for themselves with the money saved from not needing to go to a salon.
If the gel nails are not prepared correctly they can peel or lift away from nail plate.
Removal can also be a more difficult process. This requires the nails to be soaked in acetone and the gel scraped or filed off. Again by following my step by step guide on gel nail removal (Coming soon) you can learn how to make this process much easier.
If you visit a salon they tend to be about twice as expensive as acrylic nails. However by using the information on this website and by purchasing the correct kit and accessories they can easily be applied at home.
Summarising the cons:
- Can be difficult to apply at home and a UV light is recommended. (However this website will provide you with everything you need to know)
- Gel nails need to be prepared correctly to ensure they last.
- Removing the gel nails can be a difficult process. But again by following the steps on this site the process can be made very easy.
So now you know the pros and cons of gel nails and hopefully can now decide on the right nail extension for you.

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