Unique Solar Lamp Post Designs

Solar technology is being integrated into many interesting new products in recent years. As the once-prohibitive cost of small solar panels has declined, engineers are now able to build them in to a wide array of interesting new products. A solar lamp post is just one of many new implementations of this technology, bringing the massive power of the sun into every day life.
We often think of solar energy as either massive arrays in the desert or single panels up on someone's roof, but that's changing. Rapidly.
Tiny solar panels are being assimilated into ordinary household items - exterior lamp posts are one of numerous new innovations that supply homeowners the possibility of lighting their homes without be forced to consume electricity.
Typical designs include individual posts that can be fixed into a driveway, fixtures that can be positioned on the top of previously installed posts or fences and gorgeous hanging lights that can be inserted under roof awnings to provide extra spot lighting.
Installation of solar lights such as these is easy compared to previous methods. Home owners no longer have to run underground electric lines around the exterior of their homes and wire interior switches that must be turned on manually or using timers.
Self-powered solar lamp posts don't require switches since they turn on automatically as the sun goes down and automatically turn off as the sun rises. Concerns about power generation during overcast days is unwarranted as these fixtures are capable of storing enough power to light up for 24 hours at a stretch. As even the darkest days still produce sun light, solar lamp posts are continually receiving enough energy to replenish and turn on during the night.
Most everybody recognizes these days that we're at a critical phase in our history. We absolutely must shift to using more sustainable forms of energy production if we are to avoid the conclusion of climate scientists around the world that predict we're going to see rises in sea levels, extreme weather patterns, increased drought and flooding and a host other problems.
While massive changes in society are unquestionably needed to bring about the renewable energy revolution we so badly need, one thing everyone can do in the short term is consume products like these, for every single purchase is a vote of support for an industry that needs to grow if we are ever to reach an area of energy sustainability.

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