The Diet For Children With Nephritis

Children have a very poor ability to control their activities, and they don't know what is called disease, the things which they should to obey. Parents should pay more attention to their children's activity like whether children need to lie in the bed, and whether the disease has the chance to re-occurrence. Now I will introduce the detail information about diet for children Nephritis.
1. The salt intake: In the early stage of Acute Nephritis, patients should avoid eating salt. That is because the kidney's ability like producing urine become more and more week, so the eaten salts can't be discharged out of the human body, then these salts accumulated in the human body, even gives rise to water retention.
Normally, 1g slat gives rise to 120 ml water retention, which will aggravate the swelling in the human body. However, salt has no effect for the Nephritis, and eating salt will not increase the kidney damage. Therefore, when the renal function gets recovery gradually and patients have more urine, they can begin to eat salt according to the doctor's suggestions.
2. Avoid eating more protein: At the beginning of Acute Nephritis, more patients present renal function decrease. What's more, proteins which are eaten by human should be discharged by kidney, so eating so much food which contains more protein will increase the burden of kidney, more and more waste products will accumulate in the blood, gives rise to Azotemia. As long as the renal function become better, swelling can be reduced by diuretic medicines, the index of BUN recover to the normal level, patients can have the normal diet.
3. Limit water: Normally, patients with Nephritis don't need to limit water intake. Patients with serious swelling and little urine should limit the water intake. Especially for the patients with Acute Renal Failure, they should not receive intravenous injection and should reduce the water intake. Never think that less urine means patients need more water intake, and drink more water can solve this problem.
4. Fruit, vegetable: Normally, patients with Acute Nephritis don't need to limit the fruit, but they can't eat too much fruit. Especially for patients who are in the serious illness condition, they don't have very good renal function and the ability of discharging potassium, eating too much fruit which contains more potassium will increase the potassium in blood. Acute Renal Failure patients with Hyperkalemia need to avoid eating fruit and other foods, such as sweet potato, potato, bamboo shoot, mushroom, Chinese cabbage, tuber mustard, peanut,walnut etc.
We hope the above information will give you more helps, and children can get recovery as soon as possible, happy every day.

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