Factors To Consider Before You Buy Your First LED Lamp

If you are considering buying any kind of LED lamp for your home there are certain factors that need to be considered before you do. In this brief buying guide we explain some of the factors that you should be looking at so you buy the right kinds of lamps for your home.
Factor 1 - Shape
There are four basic shapes of LED lamps now available that you can install. Which one you chose of course depends on where the light is to be installed. If you are going to be using the lamp in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom opt for the spotlight variety. However if you are going to be installing the lights in the garden you should go for the flood lamp type.
Factor 2 - Brightness & Energy Efficiency
As you will know already, LED bulbs use far less energy than the traditional incandescent type to and are still able to produce the same amount of light. If you want to ensure that you choose the lamps that offer the best levels of brightness and are considered most energy efficient, learn more about the amount of light they emit.
The amount of light given off by any light is measured in Lumens whilst the amount of energy they used is measured in watts. If you are looking for bulbs that are extremely energy efficient look for those that offer a greater lumens to watts ratio.
Factor 3 - Color Temperature
One of the first things you need to understand about any LED lamp is that they emit white light in a variety of different shades. Some of these lamps produce a very bright white lamps, whilst others produce white light that has a blue tint to it. Then there are yet other lamps where the light emitted are very soft, it seems to have a yellow kind of tint to it.
Which type of light you choose to install in relation to the color emitted will depend on where it is being used. If the light is going to be used in a bedroom for example go for ones that emit a much softer white one. Whereas if the lamps are to be fitted outdoors then of course go for those that emit the brightest white light possible.
Of course you don't have to limit yourself to installing an LED bulb with white light being emitted. You can if you wish, fit bulbs that emit other colors from red to green, to blue or yellow.
Factor 4 - Warranty
When buying an LED lamp look to see what sort of warranty is provided with it. Ideally the warranty you get with yours shouldn't only cover any damage to the item but also should it malfunction at any time within the first year of you making your purchase. If the lamp you have chosen doesn't come with such a warranty then look elsewhere to make your purchase. Although these types of lamps are built to last things can go wrong during the manufacturing stage.

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