Odd Table Lamps - Not For The Typical Home Decor

When there are so many examples of unique and unusual ways to decorate your home, why accept the dull and ordinary table lamps that everyone else owns because they don't want people to think they are not "normal"?
If you want to buy something and you get much enjoyment from looking at it, why not proudly display it in your home and forget about what other people might think? How can you ever be happy always trying to please someone else?
Let me describe to you some of the unique and unusual table lamps available that you might get a kick out of...
Dragon With Globe Table Lamp... For anyone who wants to add a little Medievalness to their living rooms, this is the lamp that will do it. A ghoulish looking mythological fire breathing dragon is holding up a globe with one hand and with the other a sword. It stands guard ready to defend your castle... figuratively of course.
Grim Reaper Conjurer Lamp... With this lamp, your friends will really think you're odd -- assuming they don't already think so. In this lamp, the Grim Reaper is gazing over his crystal ball likely foretelling the future. Surrounding this crystal ball are human skulls, perhaps a collection of his victims. It's a little dark, but hey you might be into these types of bizarre things... Who am I to judge?
Monkeys Bahama Lamp... This lamp will add a tropical theme to your living space. A palm tree trunk holds the lampshade. At the base of this lamp you will see three little monkeys. One has his eyes covered. One has his ears covered. And one has his mouth covered. They collectively hear, speak and see no evil.
Salt Bowl Table Lamp... I don't know much about crystals, but from what I've heard some people believe they have healing powers. They also believe you'll experience calm and tranquility. All I know is that when the rocks are glowing, they really do look warm and have a nice color.
Okay, I think I've given you enough examples of the unique and unusual styles of table lamps as alternatives to the dull and boring ones everyone else owns. Hey, if you like how they look and how they make you feel, don't let other people's opinion bother you. Go ahead and decorate your home with what you really want. You'll be happier for it.

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