fvtled Lamps Have Become a Classic

The major pieces of living room furniture provide seating, surface space and storage. The same is true for another important room where the family gathers, the dining room. One element is required to bring out the best in both of these rooms - lighting. Without illumination at night, these rooms would be unusable. But during daylight and darkness, there are three distinct lighting needs that must be addressed in every indoor space.
The first type is ambient lighting. It is general lighting that is in the background and usually not very noticeable. It is diffused and could come from a ceiling fixture or shaded lamps. Without this light source, everyone would stumble around in the dark at night.
The second category is task lighting. With fixtures such as desk lamps and under cabinet fluorescents, a specific and usually small area is lit up well enough for a person to do his or her job.
Accent lighting is the third type anyone drafting a home lighting plan would tackle. It is more about decorative lighting and less about practicality. Some examples of accent lighting are a lamp placed over a pretty painting or a spotlight that is focused on a magnificent sculpture.
Since its design and introduction into the marketplace almost 50 years ago, Arco lamps have been praised and reproduced in mass quantities. They fill a variety of lighting needs. An Arco lamp is simple and yet sophisticated. By placing an Arco floor lamp in the corner of a room, it adds a focal point that is attractive and timeless. The uncomplicated form and gentle curve of an Arco style floor lamp goes well with any type of furniture. Its marble base provides stability and also gives it a classic, interesting and attractive look.
While the original Arco floor lamp made in Italy is a work of art and has been highly acclaimed and displayed in museums around the world, it is simply beyond the budget of most people. An Arco style lamp can be purchased for a small fraction of that multi-thousand-dollar price tag.
An Arco floor lamp replica could be the solution to the problem of not having a ceiling fixture or its associated wiring in a dining room. With its broad arc and generous height, an Arco floor lamp reproduction could be placed a few feet away from the table and still bathe it in soft light.
Unless someone is an industrial design history professor, it would be very difficult to distinguish between an original and an Arco lamp reproduction. A manufacturer who takes pride in his products will make sure that all of the materials used to produce Arco floor lamps are quality. The overall look of a fine Arco lamp replica should closely resemble an original and give the owner many years of satisfying service.

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