Outdoor Spotlights Used by Top Landscape Designers


When you have a large property that needs a bit of visual appeal, a landscape spotlight is a must. Use spotlights to enhance the aesthetic of your property and give a little bragging rights wherever you want. Outdoor spotlights also provide additional security for your benefit, allowing you to easily enjoy your landscaped property even at night. At Superior Lighting, we offer a wide selection of outdoor spotlights to ensure the perfect fit for your needs.

Landscape architect's top outdoor spotlight

LED landscape bullet floodlights series 2

This unique outdoor light fixture is perfect for highlighting the outdoor area of your home! This light fixture is easy to install and is ideal for lighting landscapes, sign lighting, general site lighting, etc. Here are some useful features of this unique LED lamp:

It offers 15W, 28W and 42W
Provides 3000K warm white and 5000K cold white temperatures
Provide 1/2 "knuckle mount or lug mount

IW Reach Powercore, 100-240v, 2700-6500k LED, 5°, UL/CE

The iW Reach Powercore gen2 is an attractive architectural floodlight that provides beautiful white light with color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K. The design is ideal for illuminating skyscrapers, Bridges, public monuments or any large landscape area.

Using Powercore technology, the lamp is easier to install because line voltage and control data are transmitted through a single standard cable.

Finally, this multi-function lamp can provide a variety of interchangeable diffusion lenses according to your requirements.

Show off your landscape with this effective spotlight! Placing lighting in perfect areas adds depth and beauty to any area.

Three necessary external LED lights for landscape design

Cast aluminum directional floodlight

Spotlights create safety and beauty outside homes, businesses and other places. This design blends perfectly with almost any location and has a durable, durable structure that is guaranteed to stand the test of time. The spotlights are in powder coated bronze, cape Verde green or black. Also included are transparent tempered glass lenses and silicone rubber gaskets. The device itself is made of a sturdy brass hood and corrosion-resistant body.

The lamp has an average life of 2,000 hours and features tool-free targeting and easy replacement.

WAC illuminated awning path light

These LED ceiling lights are classic in style and cost effective in power consumption. You can choose 2700K or 3000K color temperature to emit inviting warm light through your path at night.

These lamps are rated IP66 to prevent strong water jets from irrigation systems and are designed to be waterproof. They have a constant lumen output to resist voltage drops and an average lifetime of 60,000 hours.

What an elegant way to light up the path around your landscaped property!

LED outdoor bullet and spotlight lamps

These little beauties are perfect for admiring the beautiful trees, flowers, bushes and many other outdoor plants. They also come in handy when trying to emphasize or add shadow effects to many other areas. At Superior Lighting, we are pleased to provide you with 12 watt and 30 watt LED external bullet lights.

These lamps have extra damp lamps, 5 years warranty, dust, insect and water proof!

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