Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

The National Fire Protection Agency as well as several Atlanta electrical contractors claims that holiday lighting is one of the major causes of electrical fires in the city that results in numerous injuries and fatalities. Bright light sculptures to decorate the interiors and exteriors are a common sight in Atlanta, but while we are all busy enjoying the festivities with our family, a little carelessness in installing the light fitting can cause us lot of monetary loss and in extreme cases, even lives.
The holiday season is meant to be a time for fun and festivities. It should remain just that if you follow the holiday lighting safety tips listed below recommended by most expert Atlanta electricians:
Check the batteries of your smoke alarms:- Prevention is always better than cure. Before you actually start putting up holiday lights, recheck your smoke detectors and fire alarms and ensure they are in working condition.
Carefully check light strings: Always inspect the new and old light strings carefully before placing them. Frayed, cracked, and damaged electrical cords should be discarded. Replace broken sockets so as to avoid fire hazards.
Check for loose connections and make repairs before you start using the lights. Burned out bulbs should be replaced immediately, as empty sockets can lead to the overheating of an entire string of lights.
Follow manufacturer's instruction: Only purchase lights that have been tested for safety. The light strings you are planning to place outdoors should be weather resistant. You should also keep in mind the manufacturer's instructions when connecting various light strings. Alpharetta electricians suggest that you do not connect more than 3 strings together.
Be careful while attaching the light strings: Light strings should not be attached to metallic frames, as this increases the chance of electrocution. Also, do not fix these strings using staples or nails, as they can damage the upper layer of insulation that can lead to fire hazards. It is better to use only UL approved light hangers for placing the light strings.
Whenever you are putting up holiday lighting, do not hang them for more than 90 days. This is because the longer you use them, the more damaged they become due to harsh climatic conditions and the presence of pests and birds.
A final piece of advice from Marietta electricians: you should take adequate care while storing the lights, as tangled lights could result in broken sockets and damaged cords. Wrap them up in soft fabric and place them carefully in a sturdy container so they are safe and ready to use for the next year.

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