Landscapers - Make Your Winter Income Cashing In On Christmas

Landscaping work is great money for many people; the problem is what to do when winter comes? Many landscapers have found that they can bring in an extra $500 - $1000 or more each day during the holiday season starting in late September. Many of these small businesses have been doing this for years and can realize $30-$40,000 in their off-season business. What could they possibly be doing? Holiday light installations have steadily grown into a multibillion-dollar industry over the recent decades.
Holiday lighting installation is about the easiest and quickest way to start generating cash in a service business. You'll need a few simple tools, a ladder and good transportation for your production. You'll need to be able to speak clearly and convincingly to homeowners and small businesses and conduct a presentation. That sounds like about 80% of the general public (including you since you're reading this).
You'll need to have access to a mailing list to find your target market. This can be done quite easily on the Internet. Simply send out letters or flyers to your targeted areas. 1000 letters will usually get you about 10 or 12 jobs. That should get you started on the right foot. It's important to note however that you'll want to get some training before you step in front of a prospect.
Nothing kills enthusiasm more than making dumb mistakes on your first project. You can avoid many of the usual errors by taking the time to learn about business from experts who been there and were still doing it. You can go online and find other holiday lighting specialists who coach and train new business owners.
Landscapers usually have an existing list of customers that they deal with each month; this makes a great start because you are already a known quantity. One way to jumpstart your new seasonal business is to decorate one of your customer's homes to use as your sample. Be sure to get their permission to take photographs of finished result along with a written endorsement. Placed the image and the testimonial on your flyer along with other marketing information. Then get this out to your current customers to let them know what you're doing.
Quite a few landscapers have discovered how to make money all year around with a simple off season business. Let the people who have been doing this for years show you how simple it is to double your annual income workers part-time business. Holiday lighting setups and installation have been around for many decades and have withstood recessions and depressions. Take the time to get more facts on this booming business because you can definitely cash in on Christmas now.

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