5 Tips On Starting A Holiday Lighting Business

I have desperately wanted to start a business for myself because the last few years have been difficult for me when it comes down to finding work. I wanted to be my own boss and have not only the freedom to make my on schedule but not have to depend on working for others to pay my bills and support my family. I heard that a Christmas light installation business was a good money making business that I could capitalize on during the winter holiday season.
I love Christmas time with the lights, atmosphere and the Christmas songs. People always seem to be friendlier at this time of the year too. So, I made the decision to investigate in a holiday lighting business. I always feel a little magic in everything I do during the holidays and I really got excited when I decided that I was going to start my own Christmas light installation business this winter holiday season.
With Christmas fast approaching and me out of work right now, I went to see my uncle for help. My uncle used to work with one of his friends who had a holiday lighting business years ago. So, I went to ask him if he had any tips for me that could help me start my own Christmas light installation business.
My uncle said that a holiday lighting business can make a lot of money if you're diligent and hustle your butt. His friend would almost make a year's salary in just a few months during the winter holiday season, then work part time the rest of the year doing yard work.
He gave me a few good tips and I'm so excited, that I want to share them with people who need work this holiday season. Here are my uncle's tips he gave to me:
First: Start advertising early in the season. The first week of November, right after Halloween, is the best. When you print your flyers put your mobile number not your landline number.
Second: Drive around and find a neighborhood with nice homes (preferably near your home), it's best to buy a map. Also, make sure to tell everyone you know about your new Christmas light installation business.
Third: Buy a good sturdy ladder, and look for Christmas lights for sale and buy them cheep whenever you can. Then you can sell them to your clients with a marked up price to make an extra 15% profit. You will also have to buy Christmas light clips for hanging the lights. This is essential as it makes installing the lights easy and taking them down even easier.
Fourth: Always take pictures of the houses you hang lights on. If you have a binder full of pictures of houses you've done then people are more likely to hire you to do their own home.
Fifth: Ask your clients for a deposit. My uncle recommended 10%-30% of your price of installation. Collecting a deposit helps you with your start up costs and guarantees the customer an installation date.
Good luck with your own holiday lighting business, and may you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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