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The type of lighting you use for your deck can play an important role in shaping the utility of this area. Without the right amount or use of lighting your deck will not be as easy, fun or safe to use after the sun sets. The deck is an extension of your home and to get the best use out of it you need both a nice seating area and enough illumination to make this area both appealing and functional.
Types of Deck Lighting
There are a lot of options available when it comes to outdoor lighting, so you can get creative and come up with a unique design that fits your needs best, but there are a few basic types of deck lights you may want to consider.
Post cap lights are a great choice because they look somewhat like part of the deck. You can either go with a very basic style that blends in or with something more decorative to fit the decorating style of your outdoor area.
Rope and string lights can be used in a variety of ways. They can either be used to add a festive vibe or they can be hung beneath the railing so you only see the glow and not the lights themselves.
Step lights are a good idea if you have stairs on your deck. Not only do they create an attractive glow, they also make the stairs safer to use at night.
Wall and recessed lighting can provide a functional, easy to use light to help you see when you are taking dinner out to the deck or cleaning up after eating. By adding lower watt bulbs you can create a softer glow if you don't want something too bright.
Before you buy anything consider energy-efficient lighting which is better for the environment and your pocket book. Low voltage lighting is a good choice because it can provide a reliable power source, but it is a more affordable option. If possible you may also want to consider mixing in solar lights where possible.
If you want to do the installation yourself make sure it is something you can handle, if you are unsure hire a professional. Low voltage lighting is relatively easy to install and solar is even easier because it doesn't have to be wired to an electrical source. Another option for easy installation is battery-powered LEDs which can be installed anywhere.
With a little thought and the right use of deck lighting you can make this extension of your home a functional and cozy place to spend your evenings.

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