LED: A Brighter Future for Us All

Once a breakthrough and exciting technology used by very few due to expense, LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting has now become a thoroughly researched and advanced technology making its way into our everyday lives due to efficiency and relative cost. So, why is this technology casting such a bright light on our future? Here’s how making the choice to go-LED can be the best choice you make in 2019.

A brighter future for planet earth
By switching to LED lighting, you can use up to 90% more energy efficiently than you currently do. Fluorescent lamps waste 95 percent of their energy through heat and external energy (yes, you read it correctly!). However, only 5% of the energy is left for its main purpose: light. Leds, on the other hand, use only 5% of their estimated energy for heating, compared with 95% of their actual energy. LED lights also use less power to do the same thing, which means you can replace your 84-watt fluorescent for a 36-watt LED bulb and still get the same amount of light.

A better future in your pocket
While the bulb itself may cost a little more than the ordinary lighting option, leds are no longer the unaffordable technology of the future, and you'll soon see more than one return on that investment. Needless to say, the less energy you use for lighting, the lower your energy bills, not to mention that LED bulbs are six times longer than regular bulbs!

Bring you a brighter future!
When the sun is shining, it will smile on your face; Everyone stood in awe as their sky burned in the sunset. Good lighting makes the world a happier place, so why not bring it to your home or workplace? LED lights focus light in one direction, providing better light quality, which means happier, safer and more efficient environments - whether at home, in the workplace or outdoors. And, on top of all the products, LED bulbs offer unparalleled versatility - there's a single bulb that lights up every corner!

Looks like common sense, right? No more excuses to wait. Starting in 2019, check out OEO's warehouse/industrial, office/indoor and outdoor options to start saving a penny this year and for many years to come.

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