Adding a Seasonal Touch With Holiday Lighting Design

Holiday lighting design comes in two forms: gaudy and elegant. We all know a gaudy holiday lighting plan when we see it - it's the yard cluttered in a chaotic mess of cheap inflatable snowmen and a house hidden in a rainbow glare of contradicting colors. However, with the right Christmas lighting, exterior lights are an easy way to add a unique, seasonal touch of yuletide ambiance to your home and yard.
As every property has a different landscape and every homeowner a unique taste, a contractor specializing in holiday lighting will ensure your home inspires onlookers with an elegant sense of the holiday spirit - instead of blinding them by it.
Landscaping with a seasonal lighting plan
Just like flowerbeds in the spring, Christmas lights are a seasonal landscaping technique. As with a flowerbed, any seasonal lighting plan should be seen as an extension of your landscaping plan - not a landscaping plan itself.
This being said, with a professional holiday lighting design your Christmas lights will work to accent the strengths of your home's exterior and landscaping. The landscaping and home should remain the focal point - not the Christmas lights.
Accenting with Custom Christmas Lights
If your landscaping plan is centered around a grove of unique trees or a boutique garden with a white picket arbor, your holiday lighting plan should accent these features. Your plan should incorporate placing lights on the trees and around the arbor in order to create a shadow-like silhouette of these items at night.
Does your house have a large picture window framing the perfectly decorated Christmas tree? Then your plan should accentuate this feature with single color lights enclosing the window and drawing the viewer's attention towards the tree.
The Color of your Christmas Lights
The available colors of Christmas lights stretch across the color spectrum. When choosing a holiday lighting design, one should approach the issue of colors just as if one were choosing the colors of an outfit or the color of paint for a room.
The rule for using colors in a Christmas lighting plan is to not get carried away. A single color of light, such as white, captures the surreal ambiance of winter. Using two complementing colors, such as red and white or white and blue, will reflect an elegant feeling of warmth and holiday spirit.
Avoiding the Griswold Effect
With the endless choices of outdoor seasonal decorations and holiday lights on the market, it is easy to go too far. The best way to create an elegant seasonal lighting plan is to work with a trained professional.

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