What are the Benefits of LED Panel Lighting?

One of the most important aspects of LED lighting is one we often don’t consider. They are one of the most compact lighting sources available. High intensity discharge bulbs like the metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs many industries still use need space within them to provide their light. LEDs are much more economical when it comes to space, providing much greater amount of lumens (measurement of light) per watt.

This compressibility means that you can pack more light into smaller areas. This is one of the many reasons for the growing popularity of LED panel lighting.

What is LED panel light?

Unlike individual bulbs, panel lights use a combination of leds to create a uniform distribution of light sources. Uniform distribution is one of the key factors, and some people use them instead of long-tube fluorescent lamps.

What are the advantages of LED panel lighting?

LED panel lights are a relatively new technology, and their potential is certainly not fully realized. With the development of the industry, the use of LED panel lighting will expand. However, they are already known for their advantages over fluorescent and high-intensity discharge competitors. The benefits of this lighting include:

Impeccable light quality: with the even distribution of the light, it is no wonder these lighting fixtures are becoming more and more common. But it's not just the transmission of light that makes them beneficial, but also the quality, brightness and color of the light. The OEO EDGE panel illuminator, for example, delivers an impressive 130 lumens per watt.
Longer light duration: metal halide bulbs have good light quality, but the way they are constructed means that this quality decreases over time. This phenomenon is called lumen depreciation, and LED lighting is much less. The edge life is 90,000 hours and L70 lumen maintenance rate. These qualities mean we can offer a five-year warranty without any qualms.
Energy savings: like all LED lighting, the greater efficiency of these types of bulbs means they are among the greenest technologies. They don't lose as much energy as the HID, and they use less electricity to light good bulbs.
Save money: another important factor in this lighting technology is that using less energy can save you more money. With lower production costs and government-mandated incentives, this is the best time to invest.
Different lamps: LED panel lights can be fixed in one place, or if you want to direct the light to a specific area, lamps can be used for chandeliers or other installation options.
Durability: the OEO EDGE high-temperature LED panel is one of the most durable lighting fixtures you can buy. It can withstand heat, fluid contamination and physical trauma. Without a glass casing, these panel lights are more durable and are ideal for steel mills, processing plants or welding plants

Disadvantages of LED panel lighting

Unlike our plug-and-play replacement bulbs, LED panel lighting itself is a new type of light fixture. This means that getting the right people to install them is not as easy as some of the individual bulbs we provide. Also, they are not the best choice for some elevated facilities, so you may need to consider a light bulb, such as our OEO 1K ULTRA series. However, while panel lighting has disadvantages over other types of LED lighting solutions, they are useful when implemented correctly and still defeat their non-led competitors.

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