Tips for Converting to LED Lighting

If you don’t already know the benefits of LED lighting, then read our article on why converting to LED is so beneficial for you and your business. When you decide to make this conversion, and we have little doubt you will, you may want some extra tips to help you when installing your new bulbs. Here are a few things you should consider.


Ensure You Have the Right Type of Bulb


Some people think that changing to LED lighting will require the complete refiguration of their existing fittings. Others might believe all you need to do is screw in new bulbs. The truth is that it wholly depends on your existing system.

Some very old buildings will need new fixtures because their current buildings will not support the technology. However, these are becoming fewer and fewer. Others may be able to keep existing fixtures and retrofit new LED lights. They may be able to do this by installing ballast by-passes, which are simpler, cheaper and faster than installing brand new fixtures.

Finally, many lamps will allow for direct replacement of LED bulbs. These lights plug and play and are perfect for saving more money. It would be very frustrating if you paid to retrofit your entire property just to find out you could use a direct replacement. Make sure you know what you need before you buy it.

Consider how many lights you need

When switching to LED lighting, you will find that the light quality is much better than other lighting technologies (such as metal halides, high sodium pressure or other types of high-intensity discharge bulbs). It can also be used with a lens filter in a light bulb to illuminate large Spaces even under the highest ceiling.

Light is much better, and they stay brighter for longer because they don't suffer the lumen depreciation that HID do. This means that you may not need to install as many lights as you used to. In addition, by choosing certain types of bulbs, you may find that a variety of LED lights may provide a better solution to your lighting problem.

Don't forget to program your lights

One of the great things about LED lighting is its programmability. You can preset lighting, which will save you time, but not all of it. You can also save energy and resources by matching lights to time, place, and even special procedures for specific industrial processes.

Motion sensors can also save money by lighting up only when needed. This also benefits security by illuminating rarely used dark areas without having to find the switch.

Find the right person

Just because LED lighting is the right technology for you doesn't mean it's the same. Shamelessly we will tell you to buy from us in OEO, but not just because we produce LED. It's also because we have an incredible product at a competitive price, a solid record of 5-year warranties and customer loyalty for most light bulbs and lamps, which you can read about in our testimonials.

You should also make sure that the technicians know what they are doing and have the right assessors. All of these tips will help your conversion go smoothly and ensure that you take full advantage of the new lighting system.

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