Fight the Winter Blues With Cool White LED Lights

Though you may not realise it the phrase 'winter blues' is actually a term associated with a form of seasonal depression that affects 7 percent of the UK every year. Seasonal Deficit Disorder (SDD) is a mood disorder that causes people to experience depressive symptoms. These usually recur every Autumn and Winter, beginning between September and November and continuing through until March and April. The condition relates directly to the shortening of daylight hours and a lack of sunlight in the winter months, which trigger a biochemical imbalance in the hypothalamus resulting in symptoms such as a low mood, sleeping difficulties, tiredness and anxiety. It is thought that an additional 17 per cent of the UK population suffer from the condition to a lesser degree.
While there is no definitive cure for SDD there are a number of ways of combating its effects. These include a host of corrective treatments such as antidepressant drugs and cognitive-behavioural therapy. One of the most successful treatments, however, is a form of bright light therapy in which symptoms are alleviated by exposure to high intensity white light that stimulates melatonin levels. Light therapy has been shown to be effective in almost 85 per cent of cases.
Although we don't all suffer from a complete form of SDD, there is a tendency for the darkness of the winter months to make us feel a little down. That is why it is worth trying a bit of your own personal light therapy by introducing some Cool White Light Bulbs into your home. Enhancing the artificial lighting in your home helps to compensate for the lack of natural daylight.
Standard incandescent bulbs have a lot of difficulty producing cool colours; you will find that most incandescent bulbs are only available in a warm white. LED Lights are particularly effective at producing light with Kelvin ratings higher than 6,000K, which are classified as 'cool.'
The characteristics of this light make it ideal for promoting a brighter outlook. Its most important characteristic is that it closely resembles sunlight. It is sharp, well defined, and can make colours and interior decor more vibrant. Scientific studies have also shown that it is excellent for aiding concentration and stimulating the mind. So, for example, if you are having difficulty waking up on those dark winter mornings you might want to install some cool white LED Bulbs in your bedroom and bathroom. The vibrancy of the bulbs will help your Secadian Rhythm adjust to the darkening days and assist your wake-up regime.
In addition to this, the efficiency of LED Lights mean that your household lighting will be operating at a fraction of the cost, which is always uplifting!

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