Help Do Something About Crime

An associate of ours made a visit to Grand Cayman recently. She was so surprised and impressed to see the citizens there leaving their homes and leaving doors unlocked! Even just walking away and leaving them opened. She asked" Aren't you going to lock the door?" Her friend said, "We don't lock our doors here."
There has even been days in my lifetime where you could leave the windows down in your car, go and shop at the mall, or anywhere and not worry at all about becoming a victim of crimes.
Big city or small town. Meth labs are hidden and sprinkled through even prominent communities. Meth addicts and drug addicts are breaking into homes, violent crimes are on the rise; especially violence against women, sadly even children.
There were 94,635 rapes reported in 2004. Keep in mind; these are only the ones reported. Also in 2004 robberies were wt the highest percentage in the south... 401,326.
Carjacking? These were pretty much unheard of years ago, now you must have your head on a swivel when you stop at a stop light, or stop sign. Regardless of what neighborhood you are driving through.
Assaults are up as well. Have the proper supplies to protect yourself.
Most people admittedly have no protection, or are under protected.
The Large Stun Flashlight has an alarm, and 200,000 volt stun gun. A solid steel baton with a nice rubber grip is easily carried and concealed. Expand it up to 26" with the flick of your wrist. Also comes with a nylon holster.
As you protect your corner of the universe, stop, secure, and prevent attacks on your home, life and family, you are being aware and responsible for deterring these things from happening. We can all do our share.
My associate hopes the opportunity will come once again to visit Grand Cayman, or some place just as peaceful. Taking a breath and reflecting on how wonderful this type of environment is, is certainly therapeutic. Even to imagine leaving your home and property with no worries gives peace.
Easily make daily profits while doing your share to help prevent crime. Maybe life can no longer be as it was in the past. Living as we did in days gone by; however, we can change and adjust to life as it is. Be vigilant, aware, and armed with non lethal supplies to help stop crime.

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