3 Party Themes That Work Well With Globe Outdoor String Lights

So you want to have a party, you really want to use outdoor globe string lights but you are not sure of the best ways to use these innovative and very stylish lights? Look no more, we are here to help you. Here are three party themes that work well with these beautiful globes and will have your guests talking about it for months.
Far Eastern
Get ready for a sea of red silk, tassels, lots of Chinese food and 'floating' globe lights. Here is what you need to create the perfect evening 'destination' party;

Sashes or at least table covers made of the red and gold fabric typically used in the making of Chinese robes
Hand fans
Globe string lights in red and gold

Set up your tables, with a place setting for each guest that has a pair of chopsticks and a hand fan. If you want, you can print out your menu to look like a Chinese restaurant menu and place one at each place setting as well. Make sure to hang your globe patio string lights over the tables in a way that each table has a set of their own globes 'floating' above them. If possible, buy lights embellished with tiny tassels. If those are not available, you can tie tassels purchased at a craft store, to the bottom of every third globe light on the string. The final touch will be to add some music of a Far Eastern nature.
Outer space
Even though you can go crazy with this theme, keep it elegant and simple. Without using too much metallic, incorporate some metal elements to give the feel of a 21st century and 'out of this world' spaceship. The main element of this party should be the globe lights, star accents which you do by sprinkling star-shaped silver confetti on the tables and also by making star coasters with poster board. If you are going to be having drinks, you can purchase some stirrers with an astronomy theme or just simply with a star on one end of them. The food can be appetizers and other 'space-friendly' food fares.
A minimalist party is the simplest party to host. Void of all the hoopla of most theme parties, using only one or two colors, a simple choice of soft background music and focusing on light food and drinks - this kind of get together is ideal for an early evening event. Hanging globe lights as your only source of lighting will soften the atmosphere and make it cozy.

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