Strategies in Light 2019: Hope in LEDs Future

Strategies in Light 2019 is one of the largest and most comprehensive LED and lighting events held in Las Vegas last week. We just want to take a quick look at some of the key areas mentioned in the three keynote speeches at the event.

SSL market

Philip Smallwood, director of LED and lighting research at Strategies Unlimited, began his keynote presentation on the solid-state lighting market. He estimates that there are about 45 million lamp holders in the world today, and about 800 million standard A lamps are currently purchased annually. However, he said that number would halve to about 400 million over the next decade as longer LED lights invade the lighting industry. Smallwood also talked about LED tubes like our T8 EverLED, which shows that the market has gained some momentum. Smallwood even admits that he didn't initially see these leds being used in large quantities as replacements, but the market has proven to be there.

Next, Smallwood entered the lighting business, saying the total market would grow from $59 billion in 2018 to $66 billion in 2022. Keep in mind that today's leds account for $19 billion of the total in 2018. Smallwood talked about the transition to solid-state lighting, calling it evolutionary. However, the revolutionary part also comes with other products in the industry, focusing on networking and control that go hand in hand with LED lighting. Accordingly, he basically said that leds have penetrated the lighting market and will continue to do so. The next phase of the industry is smart lighting, because leds allow us to control our light in ways we have never been able to before. The public will benefit by making lighting safer and finding ways in which new systems can better serve the public.

The base plate

Jy Bhardwaj, senior vice President of research and development at philips LumiLEDs, focuses on different substrates in recent LED news to make the manufacturing process more cost effective and efficient while still maintaining optimal performance. He points out that gallium nitride, which is used in silicon-based components, is considered a cost breakthrough in manufacturing technology and actually lags behind sapphire in performance. They also take extra steps in the manufacturing process, such as removing opaque layers of silicon, and are actually more expensive for manufacturers than sapphire based substrates. He also talked about gallium nitride (GaN on GaN) on a gallium nitride substrate, and said the price was too high to use it for practical applications.

Finally, he recognized the move to chip - level packaging, which removes ceramic substrates or plastic packaging. He thinks this is a good move because in the high-power LED field, it will standardize packaging at all levels and have significant cost and performance advantages.

Network and control

Tony Shakib, vice President of cisco's Internet of things, talks about building controls and the benefits that LED and smart lighting will bring to the space. He points out that various systems in buildings today (telecommunications, security, heating, air conditioning, etc.) use different technologies for communications and automation. He thinks LED lighting could help unify these technologies and automate them under one system.

He thinks smart lighting, the sensors in lighting, will enable buildings to control heat and thus use it in the most efficient way, with the greatest energy savings. It can also track occupancy and manage space, he says. These sensors can even be identified when people enter a building via an IP address on their mobile phone, so that building systems can be tailored to certain people or areas of the building.

All of these keynote speeches will bring some exciting LED themes to watch for years to come. LED lighting is on the rise, and technology is evolving and becoming available. Feel free to comment or email us on this blog to learn more about the different areas you like, so that we can ensure these are covered in LEDSupply's blog.

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