A Light Bulb Moment: Plugging Into Your Inner Mojo

Somewhere in your home, there's a stash of light bulbs sitting on a shelf, alone, and in the dark. These little guys are simply waiting for their time to shine. They have the same potential to brighten the world around them as their counterparts, but simply are not plugged into to an energizing source. How about you? Are you full of potential that simply hasn't been plugged into an energizing source?
We've all sat in the bleachers or in front of a screen and watched a star perform while something inside whispered, "I could do that, if only...." If only what? If the universe aligns in a magical pattern and opportunity beats on our door? The sad fact is that too often we have greatness hidden inside us and are playing the lottery with our potential - buying tickets and waiting for our number to be called. Maybe it's time to quit waiting and start looking for a socket to plug into.
Step 1
Shut out the Noise
We are bombarded with static and noise - TV, radio, Internet, cell phones, appointments, stress, etc. It all adds up to a barrage of noise screaming in our ears and demanding attention - attention that keeps us from quiet contemplation. When's the last time you heard yourself think? Seriously! If it's been a while since you've heard it, take some time to get reacquainted.
We all hear our inner voice in different ways. When I need to reconnect I go to Lake Erie, sit on the beach, soak in the sun, draw in the sand and slowly let all of my emotions and stress wash out with the tide. Sometimes it takes hours for the echoes to die away and that calm quiet to come, but once it does I begin to just let my thoughts flow. I never cease to be amazed at the creativity and inspiration that I come away with.
Find your quiet place, wherever it may be, and listen. What is that excites you? What ideas have been hidden among the stuff? If you are going to tackle something, those things that make your heart beat faster and fill you with passion are the best sockets to plug in to.
Step 2
Dig up the Carrot
Let's face it; we all need a little visual motivation to keep us on track. If not, well then we probably would have achieved our dreams already. Find a way to make your goals and achievements visible and inspiring. Remember those star charts from elementary school? Maybe those elementary school teachers planted some desire deep in our psychic to see our stars on a wall somewhere (possibly in a more mature form, but not necessarily).
You may want to:
• Design a wallpaper for your computer
• Create a bulletin board
• Post it on the refrigerator
• Write it on the mirror
However you do it, remember that having a light in the socket is just one step closer to realizing its potential. Until someone flips the switch, it's just as dim as it was in the closet. They key is to find something that flips your switch on repeatedly and predictably.
Then it's time to go light your world. Break a record. Build a business. Get organized. Lose weight. Do whatever it is that quiet little voice has been screaming to do. Go on! You can do it! It's been in you to do it for so long All you've needed to do is plug your potential into that secret energizing source.

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