As Summer Approaches, Thoughts About The Cycle Of Life

What do the seasons represent in the mental?
As the season changes once again and summer approaches, I can't help but think of the cycle of Life. I'm cheerfully looking at my garden through my large office patio doors. Tomatoes, jalapenos, and zucchini planted firmly in the ground ready to sprout; small buds appearing with the promise of a delicious meal. Oh, how I enjoy seeing this growth, the unfoldment of nature - reflecting the workings of mind.
Everything you see is a visible expression of your Consciousness; a mirror image of your innermost soul substance. 'Thought in action' you might say, acting out your own personal movie. However, in your life's play you are the writer, director, and actor. You are in charge.
Looking back at 'winter', the dormant or reflective time, has passed. A new awakening is in the air. Winter represents a resting period in the mental, a time-out in order to allow rejuvenation shown forth in nature. Renewal, revitalization, refueling of Spirit, and getting ready for the abundant explosion of more Life!
Reminiscing about the gentle awakening of spring; representing the infancy state of Consciousness with its germs sprouting eagerly, unfolding tiny flora and curiously peeking out of mother earth's fertile ground. Still small, yet powerful seeds of Life are always pushing upwards towards the light - just like our Soul wants to push upwards towards God's glory. The gentle warmth of spring embalms our Spirit and gives renewed hope to a new day.
And here we are approaching the full splendor of summer. We embrace the life-sustaining light and warmth of the sun. We fully absorb this invigorating force and feel the growth our Spirits have achieved.
Youth with its unlimited strength and fearlessness! The 'summer of your mind' is the time to reason and to make sound choices, the time to pave your path. Enjoyment of the moment so desperately yearned for; this is the season to define who you are and to choose the road you will travel.
What does the fall season represent? Autumn reflects 'maturity of the mind', fruition, fruit at its best! At last we have come to an understanding of our true purpose in Life. We have reached yet another stage in our unfolding process. This season is the culminating mental state that defines who we are at this moment in time.
And so we can rest once again!

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