4 Ways to Deal With a Blinking Red Light on PS3 - Tips to Enjoy Unrestricted Gaming

How many times have you had to stop playing games on your PS3 because it shut down (accompanied by a blinking red light)? This happens very often on old 60s consoles and means that you can't play until the console is fixed. One thing that you could obviously do when you see a blinking red light on PS3 console is to replace it with one that works or to give it to the authorized service station for repairs. However, if you know how to deal with this problem on your own you will actually save quite a bit of money.
The blinking red light on PS3 consoles generally indicates that it has heated up very much and has therefore malfunctioned. There are two things that you could do in order to repair this fatal error on your own.
1. Take the hard drive out of the device and put it back after a while. This usually works unless the console has been damaged for good from inside because of excessive heat. Be sure to unplug it before you do this so that there is no chance of having an accident. You might need to reboot the hard drive more than once in order to get the device to work.
2. Open the device in order to clean it properly and apply thermal paste to the heat sink. Be sure to first note the position of all the parts that you have taken out so that you can put it back in the correct order.
3. Clean out the device from inside using a miniature vacuum cleaner that does not have excessive extracting power. This will remove most of the accumulated dust that helps contribute to the device overheating. Now that you know that dust contributes to overheating you should ensure that the device and its surrounding areas as kept free of dust.
4. Place the device in a place where it will get plenty of ventilation. If you place it too close to the wall then heat will get trapped, causing the machine to shut down. Do not place it next to a window that lets in direct sunlight.
Now that you know how to deal with the blinking red light on PS3 you will be able to enjoy video games without any interruptions. You can easily do all these things on your own and do away with the need of sending your game console for servicing.

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