5 Lights to Improve Your Home in 2 Hours or Less

Sometimes adding value to your home can be a costly and time-intensive project. Hats off to the DIY weekend warriors of the world but if you’re short on funds or time, some quick, low-cost projects are in order. While lighting can be an expensive undertaking, we know a few lights that can keep your wallet happy and you can install them on a weeknight or between running errands.

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Sometimes adding value to your home can be a costly and time-consuming project. Hats off to DIY weekend warriors around the world, but if you're short of money or time, some quick, low-cost projects are in order. While lighting can be an expensive job, we know that some lights can make your wallet happy, and you can install them between a week's night or running errands.

LED tube light
The kitchen 1336160 _1920. JPG
If you already have embedded lighting and want a quick upgrade, try using the LED downlight module. Instead of replacing the entire unit, you can remove the trim, unscrew the old bulb, and screw in the LED. The modified downlight is a combination of LED bulbs and decoration that can easily improve lighting. If you want an embedded light with no ceiling clearance or don't want to make a fuss over the enclosure, then ultra-thin LED downlights may be your best bet. You still need to drill into the ceiling, but you can save money when you consider the cost of a separate enclosure, installation time, and the electrician you may need to properly connect to a traditional recessed light.

Sonya bluetooth led speaker downlight overlay, patio, application.jpg
Bluetooth LED speaker downlights may increase the initial cost, but you can get the advantage of two devices in one light fixture. Not only does this downlight plug into a preexisting embedded case, such as a standard LED downlight module, but it also gets the added advantage of a bluetooth sound system. The speakers are ETL certified and are suitable for a variety of wet locations where gain hosting points can be placed. Add music to your bathroom, covered patio or kitchen to wow and impress your guests during the party. It takes less than 10 minutes to synchronize the light fixture to your bluetooth device.

Under the LED cabinet light
Maxlite -LED fill light, bar, under cabinet, application.jpg
Hard wiring under cabinet lamps and attached to light switches may be a bit confusing. However, you can simplify the process by using interconnectable plug-in leds under cabinet fixtures. All you have to do is screw in some mounting clips, plug the lamp or LED strip together, and then plug the length of the lamp into a nearby socket.

Illumination clew: LED ambry lamps and lanterns has a light switch on nearly every length, LED lamp is often not used. In contrast, the main outgoing line of the strip may have a switch or a separate switch module. You decide which features are important: more control or a more compact design?

Antique LED bulb
Antique silk, globe, lamp in side base
You can use antique light bulbs to quickly enhance the style of any lamp or fixture. Exchange base bulbs to get a warm glow and unique shape of a replica Edison bulb. Most antique bulbs have a slightly amber aesthetic in addition to their 2200-2400-kelvin temperature. If you're worried that your decorative color doesn't suit pale yellow lights, choose an antique LED bulb with a clear finish at a warm 2700K or a bright 3000K color temperature.

Patio lights set
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Outdoor lighting upgrades don't necessarily mean a hot day in the sun. Quickly transform your backyard with a patio lamp set. Since incandescent or LED bulbs are already included, you simply screw them in and hang up your new lighting. If you need a post to hang the lights, you can build one. Head to your local home improvement store for wooden poles, c-hook screws, large flower POTS and quick concrete. After the c-hook is screwed to the top of the wooden column, the rapid concrete is mixed into the seeder. Place the planter in the planter and use waste wood or painter's tape as a lighter post to hold the concrete in place when it has been dried for 20-40 minutes. If only the concrete part is filled with a seeder, a hole can be drilled above the cement line for drainage. Then add pebbles, potted soil and your favorite greens to make your post twice as flowerbed.

LED tape light
Loft apartment with concave and tape lights_Small, but - effective_Look - what can is do light. JPG
You can enhance the decor of any space by using LED strip lights as focal lighting. Put these handy bar lights under bookshelves, cabinets, televisions, and even the edge of the pool! For a length of 16 feet or less, LED tape lamps are easier to manage and assemble. As the name suggests, the tape on the back of the strip makes installation easy. Connectors in L, T or plus shapes can be used to create a variety of configurations with multiple segments of tape light. For outdoor lighting and making sure you find water, use a waterproof LED strip. Although these bars have no sticky backing, they make up for it by diving to a depth of six feet. Perfect for that night pool party.

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