Garden Fountains In Landscaping Trends To Inspire Decorators

Currently, water is one of them most important features in landscaping trends. Garden fountains, ponds and decorative pools are all trendy additions to an indigenous yard. Fire is another dramatic new visitor to trendy water features.
Earlier in 2012, the garden was controlled, finished and neat. There has been a drastic turn around and now home owners prefer their gardens to be overgrown and slightly untidy. This hasn't detracted from the importance of eco-friendliness and outside entertainment areas.
Families love having their entertainment outside today. Barbecue areas, pizza ovens, spas and seating are all important parts of modern gardens. Scenery is thus much more imperative. It creates a mood that transforms a simple family meal into an occasion to remember.
The focus on carbon footprint is leading to a new kind of water feature. Today's fountain is extremely water efficient so that nothing is wasted. Another trend is introducing the fountain into indoor areas as part of innovative landscaping.
Today's home owner wants to bring as much of the landscaping indoors as possible. Simultaneously, the elements of air, water and earth are a crucial part of interior trends. Flowing water is added to interior atriums and open plan living areas that incorporate a good deal of natural flora in innovative ways.
Pruned hedges are combined with water features that draw on the architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome. These kinds of gardens are extremely demanding on home owners because maintenance is labor and time intensive. The look can create a cold aesthetic so large, bold water features are crucial to add life and movement.
Water features introduce a soothing sound to the outdoors that's relaxing and able to hide less attractive sounds such as traffic. Lightweight water features are more popular these days because they can be moved around. Families currently prefer a home that can be freshened up at no cost. Moving fixtures and furniture around regularly fulfills this need.
In 2013, landscaping will take on a Mediterranean aesthetic. Amber and black combinations that use black grasses and amber roses will be popular. Smaller water fixtures will be more natural, and make use of boulders, urns and stone. In terms of maintenance, these are far more forgiving. Metal will also be trendy for fountains. Water fixtures and plant pots will use copper ball shapes.
Appearance, it seems, is of pinnacle importance to home owners. More and more people are concentrating on their front yards while back yards are on the decline. Urban areas are making use of their roofs and balconies for water fixtures and plants.
Water features do sometimes take a more subtle stance in the form of smaller displays that are slightly masked by greenery. Subtlety is important in an overgrown garden. Smaller fixtures are far easier to maintain. Home owners are thus able to enjoy the restful effects of garden fountains without the added effort involved in heavy maintenance. They also carry the benefit of attracting a welcome new species to the garden--bird life


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