FVTLED - 7 Things You Can Learn from 5-Star Hotels

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If you’re planning to give your house a spin in look, here are 7 luxury hotel-inspired tips on how you can use lighting to achieve outcomes beyond expectation:

1. More lights the better 

Yes. Visit a luxury hotel and look around. All you will see are lights everywhere. Hundreds and thousands of lights in common areas, corridors, outdoors, stairs, cafeterias, rooms, and more. There’s a reason for this. When the space is well-lit, it automatically becomes more appealing and new-like. 
So, if you’ve got just one light installed for your patio, no wonder the space looks dull and boring. Try installing some LED flood lights to light up your yard and the exterior of your home. The point is, you need more lights. The larger the area, the greater number of light fixtures you’ll need. 
So, do a thorough auditing of how many more lights you need to install in your living room, bedrooms, kitchen, outdoor, patio, bathroom and more. Make sure every corner is well lit. 

2. Quality of the lights matter 

This is something many homeowners do not realize. Much like in anything and everything, quality matters even in the lights you install at home. The premium light fixtures provide much better brightness, cover the larger distance, and pack plenty more benefits, including longevity. 
The 5-star hotels invest big in superior quality lights. Look closely and you will see these lights are branded and cost much higher than what you see at your local market. And this, in many ways, makes their interior stand out.
So, don’t obsess too much on the price; don’t go about shopping for the cheapest lights you can get. Prioritize quality if you want good lighting. 
Now, of course, this doesn’t mean you spend extravagantly and thoughtlessly. Sure, stick to a budget. These days, there exist many online stores where you can purchase high-quality lights at an affordable price. And when you’re shopping during the festive season, you can strike an even better deal with the higher discount. 
Bottom line: Avoid cheap lights and make sure you are getting a quality light. Go for the DLC Premium Lights and do it right. 

3. More than just one variety of lights

Many households settle for only one or two style of lights. On the contrary, luxury hotels have different types installed in different places. 
Yes, they maintain a fine consistency with the varieties they use—for instance, in corridors, in a straight line on the wall, you will find the same variety. However, in the same corridor, you will also find many other types of lights. Overhead, you might find LED canopy lights. In the foot space, beside the door of every room, you might find floor lights. At every turn, you will find more lights. 
So, in a single space, don’t settle for one type of light. Make it fancier and bright with more than 2 types of lights. With online shopping, the options are endless. 

4. Who is it for?

Roam around these hotels and you will find that different spaces have a unique ambiance that’s fitting for its purpose. The kitchen is lit up differently than the rooms. Pool areas, balconies, common areas, and corridors all have their own ambiance. 
So, when you’re planning to décor your house with lights, you need to understand the purpose and preference of individual space before finalizing a decision. 
For example, you cannot light your 2-year old’s room like yours. Similarly, your bedroom should not have the same lights as your corridor. Your TV area shouldn’t have something like the same lighting as your garage. 
In the planning phase, identify your style preference, as well as the brightness you want in the space, when deciding which lights are appropriate. 

5. Positioning them right is important

Admittedly, this one is the most overlooked aspects of interior lighting. Where you position the lights in a given space can make or break the lighting. 
In large hotels, you will notice that the lights are perfectly positioned that not only add to the appearance of the space but also ensure the room is balanced with light. The brightness is evenly distributed in the space. You don’t want to experience one spot where you can read something, and then have trouble reading the same thing in another spot. Everywhere is evenly lit for a purpose. 
So, when installing the lights at home, don’t be thoughtless. Spend time to come up with the ideal position that would make the lights even more appealing and increase their effectiveness with balanced lighting. 

6. Does it complement the walls?

You can’t opt for a LED Corn Bulb if your walls, and overall space, exude a classical feel. Or, if your wall has modern, bold wallpapers on it, you can do away with a classical style sconce light. That would look too out-of-place. Meaning to say, when deciding the types of lights of you should go for, attention must also go on the walls—how do they look? What kind of lights will complement them better?
Usually, you will find that in large, luxurious hotels, the lights and walls will balance each other. They will complement each other. This brings the whole ambiance a comforting and uniform feel. 
You must follow the same suite. Install a variety of lights that go along with the wall. If not, either change the lights or revamp your walls. 

7. Décor the interior accordingly 

There’s a lot to the interior than just the lights and walls. The furniture, flooring, wall paintings, curtains and more—all these collectively enhance the effectiveness of the right lights. Meaning, you can spend as much as you want on lights, or even hire experts to help. But if the remaining aspects of the interior lag behind, the space will remain dull. 
So, aside from the lights, focus on the entire room, kitchen, corridors and more. Just like how the big hotels do it. Their spaces are usually a complete package, packing appealing views and marveled lighting in abundance. 
Use these 7 techniques you can learn from 5-star hotels to better the lighting in your home. 
If you are looking to give your house a fresh take in 2019, draw your inspirations from those who already champion the task. These minor changes and experiments with lights can make your home a haven of delight and happiness. 
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