LED Has Magnificently Changed the Face of Modern Day Sport Court Lighting

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With the technological innovations of the nook and corner of today’ world, the lighting system also has evolved globally. LED is replacing traditional lighting, and definitely helping people to choose a more energy efficient and less dangerous lighting solution for sports lighting.  The different sports courts require high quality and brightest lighting forms, using the best fixtures. This is where LED lighting offers perfection.  With LED fixtures, sport court lighting is becoming better and proving to be much brighter. 
The trend to switch to LED lighting from traditional metal-halide-lighting systems or fluorescent and incandescent bulbs is quite pervasive these days.  The authorities have very well perceived the functional features of LED lighting and hence have been so welcoming about using this energy efficient and controllable lighting solution. 
We can definitely conclude that LED lighting has changed the face of sports lighting in the contemporary age. 

Highly Affordable in The Long Run 

The paradigm shift to LED lighting for sports courts has been quite affordable in the long run, other than the costly one-time investment in the beginning.  Yes, it is true that LED lighting solutions initially cost a little more than the traditional ones, but with energy saving feature and reduced maintenance cost, this lighting alternative is quite reasonable in the long run.  Also, the agencies of the states and certain power companies offer incentives, rebates and discounts when a sports ground converts its cricket, soccer or basketball court lights to LED. 

Hassle Free to Install 

The best thing about LED lighting for sports grounds is that, this system can be installed in existing lighting fixtures and poles or other associated infrastructure. Most of the LED lighting systems designed for the sports grounds are deigned in a way, that the authorities don’t need to waste time and money on removing the old poles to install new ones.  Thus, one also doesn’t need to set up control wiring as most of the LED lights come with wireless control features. 

No More Light Pollution

A number of sports grounds that use metal halide lights face issues as the neighbouring localities complain of excessive light pollution. But, with the entry of high-tech LED lighting systems, the filed gets uniform light, and reducing sky glow and eliminating unwanted light spill.  Thus, the ground authorities now can host more matches as the neighbours no more complain about excessive and unwanted lights. 

Easily Controllable Lighting 

There is no denial of the fact that LED lighting systems are easily controllable and this also reduces a lot of expenses. For hockey, badminton or tennis court lights, you have the flexibility to control the lighting through web or your mobile phone. You can adjust the dimming, scheduling and zoning of the lights easily without any wires and other hassles.

Minimal Maintenance Costs 

There was a time when sport court lighting meant a lot money invested in maintenance of the lighting systems. But with LED lighting, this has changed drastically. Maintenance costs for LED lights are really low compared to conventional lighting systems and the sports ground authorities just need to spend some amount in twice-yearly system inspections.  Rest, the retrofit lights for sports grounds are quite long lasting and powerful. 
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