FVTLED Tells You - Friday Night LED Lights

FVTLED Tells You - Friday Night LED Lights

Apr 11 2019

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Lubbock, TX - Friday Night LED Lights was established in September of 2018 by Todd and Lena Smith, out of New Deal Texas.   Woodworking and wood designs had always been something we enjoyed doing out of our home, as gifts for our friends and family and one day we decided wantedto see what some of those designs would look like on acrylic and lit up with LED lights because who doesn’t like things that light up?  We ordered some material and designed a customized school acrylic with a name for a family member who teaches at an areaschool.  After the delivery of that item, we were approached by a team at the school to see if we would entertain the idea of working with that school to do a fundraiser for their Band - who were trying to make monies for a summer trip.  Being a "football"family and thinking things through, we decided on a name that was fitting and created several school mascot designs. The rest is history!  The fundraiser was a success, people were intrigued because it was something they hadn’t seen before and they were reallycool designs.   It’s always fun to be presented and idea and see it come to life and we love the challenge of new designs and ideas.  We offer single base, double base and triple base options - based on the need and size of the design requested.  If you can imagine it, we are happy to try and make it!

You can find them online at www.fridaynightledlights.com or on social media under Friday Night Led.

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