Kids Leaving Lights on All the Time and How to Deal with That

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Posted by James C on 10/6/2018 to LED Lights
This is funny. And it’s also incredibly relatable to all parents. 
Oh-the-ache, when kids leave the lights (and ACs and computers) turned on all the time. That one ‘holy house rule’ that they keep breaking. And let’s not even get to the electricity bill part, which is skyrocketing because of them. But, again, let’s not get to it. 

A parent with the same pain?

Welcome aboard. We feel you! Really, it could often get annoying when kids “forget” to turn off the lights in rooms. It adds to the bill and reduce the lifespan of lights and, above all, even the government recommends that if you are to leave the room for 15 minutes and more “turn it off”. 
Besides, keeping lights and other utilities off is a much-needed practice in this day and age when energy conservation is more important than ever.
So, ensuring your kids turn off the lights, ACs, and fans before leaving the room isn’t just about the discipline. It falls beyond that threshold. But then the problem is—how do you really make this happen? After all, your little ones and teens always “forget”, even with repeated bugging. 
The solution is fairly simple. Here are 4 ways to make happen like a super mom or dad:

1. Stop punishing and yelling at them 

Honestly, yelling at them, for whatever reason, never have any positive effect. You can scare them to do something. But it’s a rather marking and unlearning experience for them. So, the first step is to hold your nerves and stop yelling at them and punishing them. Whenever you find the lights on, ask them sweetly and with calm. 

2. Lead by example 

This is a must and quite a no-brainer. You can’t expect your kids to do something at which you aren’t good yourself. So, if you yourself leave the lights on in rooms, fix your habit first. Your kids will automatically follow that. 

3. Use placards and sticky notes

A simple technique but very effective. Just put small placards and sticky notes around, on the door, switchboards and other places where they are easier to see. Put on them a sweet message. A constant reminder like this, after a period, would ensure the kids are NOT leaving the lights on. 

4. Get motion sensor lights 

If you can’t find the key, break the lock. This is exactly what this step does for you. Instead of bugging them to turn the lights off all the time (and feeling disappointed), go for motion sensor lights. 
These tech-advanced DLC lights detect motions and turn on/off themselves. You never have the need to stretch your arm to the switchboards. Once you enter the room, they get on. And when you leave, they lull and get turned off within a few minutes. 
These days, there are a handful of online stores who are offering such advanced lights at a fairly affordable price. So, look around, browse through their collection, go through LED retrofit kits and Corn light bulb, and you will eventually find high-quality sensor lights at a low price. 
These are 4 easy ways to make your kids turn off the lights and other utilities every time they leave the room. Told you, it’s fairly simple. You just have to stop wearing your frustration on sleeves. 
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