Flexible LED Neon Rope Lights: A Long-Lasting, Shatterproof Alternative to Glass Neon Lights

LED neon strip - storefront lighting

We now offer a solution for annoying, flashing, fragile neon lights - flexible LED neon lights. Unlike traditional glass tube neon signs, these flexible lights are shatterproof and can be bent into any shape. They are designed to last longer and use less energy than standard neon tubes. These LED neon lights can be used for interior and exterior decoration gas station lighting, cinema lighting, landscape lighting, bay lighting, retail store lighting, bar/club lighting, building frame lighting, sign, roof edge, door, storefront, window decoration, counter and so on!

LED neon strip light color

LED neon strips in the bridge

The 49 - and 98-foot LED neon strips emit 161 lumens per foot of seamless natural white, amber, blue, green or red lighting. They are waterproof, can be cut every 2 inches, and can be easily connected and installed in a variety of ways with compatible accessories.

LED neon strip reel

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