5 Mistakes to Avoid When Upgrading to LED Lighting

Making the upgrade to LED lighting is ‘up’-grading for a reason. They are more cost effective, energy efficient and versatile than traditional metal halide or florescent bulbs. Once you have your calculations, however, you still need to be considerate of some practical issues. Mistakes to avoid when upgrading to LED include:

Irrespective of warmth

When replacing incandescent bulbs with leds, it's important to remember that they emit different types of light. You can buy brighter LED bulbs to meet specific needs, but brighter doesn't always mean better. Since leds can be more than 2,000 times brighter than incandescent lights, you may overuse them and make your space feel too cool. If you have a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, you may lose some atmosphere. Buying warm LED bulbs can solve your problems while still saving you administrative costs.

Regardless of depth

While the brightness and tone of the bulbs are important, there are other measurements to consider when upgrading to leds. Depending on your space, the type of bulb you need is critical to your purpose. If you have a small space, buying overly bright bulbs can cause glare and provide an unpleasant environment.

However, when filling a large space, you need to consider more than simple wattage substitution. High canopy LED lighting provides you with bulbs filled with horizontal and vertical Spaces. They are ideal for stadiums and industrial Spaces because their lens angles can fill depth without using more power. Not thinking about space leads to blind spots and waste.

Use them in the wrong lighting fixture

It's hard to think of at least one light fixture that doesn't work with LED bulbs. However, if you don't consider lighting first, you may end up wasting resources. LED lighting is ideal for replacing many other fixtures, but make sure they are replaced directly or modified. OEO will tell you which is required. The reason is that you may need to replace the ballast or use a closed fixture, which will eventually use too much heat and shorten its service life.

Buy too much

With LED lighting getting brighter and less lumen, you really need to think about how the upgrade will benefit you. If you have warm and deep care, then you may be able to use fewer bulbs for the same purpose. You can even reduce the overall number of lights required. When budgeting, you can consider more light from fewer bulbs and save money. You should also realize that their longevity means you don't need to buy as many backups as you would for other light bulbs.

Choose the wrong provider

As the use of LED lighting increases, there is understandably more competition. However, not all suppliers and manufacturers have the same quality. Moreover, they don't always treat customers, and they shouldn't. At OEO Energy Solutions, we provide product descriptions that give you all the information you need and present it in an intuitive interface. You can talk with us either online or by telephone. When you do, you'll get information and respectful interaction. With a five-year warranty and impeccable customer service, you'll know that upgrading with OEO is never a mistake.

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