How LED Lighting Can Help Indoor Sport Centers

Indoor sport centers come in various sizes and can have a wide range of features. The purpose, however, is the same in all. They exist to help maintain fitness and generally improve our well-being. While these purposes are facilitated by treadmills, basketball courts and buff trainers, LED lighting can be there to provide a helping hand.

LED lighting helps you stay healthy

Staying healthy is a complex business. We can spend a lot of money on new fitness equipment, expensive nutritional drinks or current health fashion advice. But if we don't respect the fundamentals, we could end up doing more damage than we think. Light is one of these basic principles.

In terms of metabolism and brain function, our bodies need light to sustain various processes. Without vitamin D light, we become depressed (which is why it needs to be taken in countries with less light). However, our basic daily rhythms, when called our circadian rhythms, are affected when we don't get enough.

Sports centers and gyms can promote exercise, but if they exercise in an environment where light is not conducive to physical activity, the results can be counterproductive. If it's too low, too weak or the wrong type, then it can upset our balance.

LED lighting provides bright white light at a programmable output level. Using a phosphorus filter, leds can provide full spectrum on a day when natural light is dimmed. This helps train personnel to push themselves further when needed and provides an environment suitable for physical activity.

LED lighting can also be changed to suit different areas of the sports centre. For example, softer lighting can be used in changing rooms and cooling areas. A single bulb can be used for many purposes. This is not true for competitive technologies such as metal halide bulbs, high pressure sodium lamps, and other high intensity discharge lamps. LED lighting will turn on immediately, can be used on a programmed schedule, and can emit different types of light at different frequencies from the same fixture. HID can't.

LED lighting benefits the owners of the sports centre

The gym and sports center are spacious Spaces that contain a variety of areas. You will need different lighting for different areas, all of which can benefit from LED technology. Such as:

Indoor playground: no badminton, 5-a-side soccer or basketball courts are allowed to play on low ceilings. High-canopy LED lights fill these large Spaces without consuming a lot of energy.
Management area: LED lights use comparable wattage bulbs, but they use much less power than metal halides or similar products. In office areas, low-power equivalent LED bulbs can be used with the same cost-effectiveness as their industrial counterparts.
Parking: low ceiling bulbs can be used in parking lots and entrance passageways to fill horizontal Spaces in a similar way, while elevated LED lighting fills vertical Spaces.
Zone of happiness: many gyms and exercise centers now have zones for health and general fitness. Whether involving spa facilities or steam rooms, LED lighting can be manipulated and used to create the right atmosphere for the client.

While LED lighting is useful for these specific benefits of sports centers, the important aspects are:

LED lighting lasts longer, which means you don't have to replace them often.
They don't depreciate lumens the way other light bulbs do.
Improve energy efficiency, especially because they don't waste as much energy as the HID.
Direct replacement and modification capabilities enable LED lighting to save fixtures and installation.

There are many other benefits, but the most important is that LED lighting is better in a broad and specific sense. Check out our product information to see how we can help you better in your sports environment.

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