Why LED Lighting Improves Safety in Manufacturing Plants

Whatever it is a plant manufactures, much thought goes into safe running of the machines and any mechanical element of the production line. Even soft plush toys being made in a factory use materials which can be hazardous in certain scenarios. Workers are safety trained for long hours, legislation is passed to reduce workplace injury and checks are put in place to maintain standards.

If you run an industrial space, you might think you're a safe ship. If you ignore how LED lighting improves security, it may not be safe enough.

Better lighting makes for a safer environment

In the early days of LED lighting, there were some developmental problems. Light quality is limited by the inability to convert blue light into different parts of the spectrum. Thankfully, since the phosphors were coated in the mid-2000s, this light has turned into high-visibility white light. It's a safe, cheap and effective solution, and it's one of the last steps in making rival light bulbs obsolete.

This means high quality lighting in your manufacturing plant to illuminate machines to the highest standards. This means that visibility is as clear as possible even in a busy environment. Pressing the right button will not ignore the error and will identify any problem faster. With the lens, the LED can also create the perfect beam Angle for any given space. This means that the inner field of the high shed has the right light where it needs to be and does not waste expensive energy like high-intensity discharge lamps.

LED lighting lasts longer

Although metal halides and other high-intensity discharge bulbs also have good light quality, their functional properties mean they won't be as long as leds. Because HID lamps like high pressure sodium lamps burn gases and compounds to their desired intensity, they suffer lumen depreciation.

Lumens depreciate over time, but are often overlooked, especially in terms of the number of bulbs needed for industrial space, such as manufacturing plants. When the bulb depreciates in value, the quality decreases, but workers may not notice the nuances until after an accident. The lumen depreciation of leds is small. For companies like OEO, many of our bulbs come with a five-year warranty because we know they'll keep you safe longer.

LED lighting reduces worker error

While the practical need for light helps workers use machines safely, the importance of light quality is less obvious. The body has a circadian rhythm that helps us know when to go to work and when to rest.

The busyness and physical demands of many manufacturing plants mean it tires easily. LED lights help create the right light at the right time, keeping workers in touch with their rhythms and staying alert for longer. Workers are less likely to make mistakes. This not only increases productivity but, more importantly, reduces workplace accidents caused by fatigue and distraction.

Versatility improves security

LED lighting can align with workers' circadian rhythms, in part because it is so versatile. You can select the bulb used in the LED for a particular lighting purpose and match the color and intensity for the purpose. Not only that, they can be programmed to meet the specific requirements of the manufacturing phase, and the same bulbs can be tuned to produce certain benefits in one area and different benefits in another. They can be controlled by motion sensors and placed on a timer if necessary. This is because they do not take time to reach the intensity of HID, but have instant luminescence.

All these factors are concentrated in LED lighting to create safer, more efficient and healthier manufacturing space.

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