Types Of Ceiling Light Fixtures And Where To Install Them

There are several types of lighting fixtures that can be used to illuminate homes, and one of the most commonly used is the ceiling light. Ceiling lights are an ideal choice whether you have a small or large home. They do not take precious floor space the way floor lamps or table lamps do, and they also come in a wide array of designs that can complement any theme or architectural style. To know what type of ceiling fixture is best for a particular room in your home, it's important to know the different types of ceiling lights that are commonly used these days:
Flush mount lights - Flush mount lights are perhaps the most popular type of ceiling fixtures used in homes. As its name implies, this kind of light is mounted with the edges of its cover flush against the ceiling. The cover is usually rounded in shape, but flush mount light covers can also come in just about any design. They can be used in any room of the home, but they may be too plain for living and dining rooms. Because of their unobtrusive structure, they are best used for smaller areas.
Pendant lights - Pendant lights are a good source of task lighting and they can be lowered or raised depending on your needs. A single pendant light with a well-designed cover can serve as an elegant accent piece for dining rooms. Pendant lights above kitchen and bathroom sinks ensure safety and comfort of users, while a series of pendant lighting fixtures above the kitchen island makes for elegant yet highly functional decorative lighting. A group of pendant lights arranged in different heights can serve as a modern-looking substitute for crystal chandeliers.
Chandeliers - Chandeliers are similar to pendant lights in that they hang from the ceiling through a cord. Commonly, chandeliers are made of crystal, but other materials such as glass or shells may also be used. These hanging light fixtures are usually lengthy, so they may be too overwhelming for small rooms and are thus most appropriate for rooms with high ceilings, such as living rooms and the foyer area.
Recessed lights: Recessed ceiling lights are very simple and minimalistic, but they can provide enough light to illuminate large rooms. They are best used to support lighting from decorative pieces such as chandeliers and pendant lights. They can also be installed with dimmers, so that the amount of light can be controlled to achieve a particular ambience.
Ceiling fans with lights: This kind of lighting fixture is both decorative and highly functional. They can be used in bedrooms and living rooms that need ample air circulation, but the fans may be too big for small rooms. As such, they are best placed in rooms that have plenty of space.

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