LED Replacement for T8 Fluorescent Tubes

Whether you are an individual property manager looking for cost-effective outdoor lighting or a business person looking to light a warehouse on a budget, leds offer many advantages over T8 fluorescent tubes. Superior Lighting offers solutions for many indoor and outdoor environments. The purpose of this guide is to point out some of the problems and challenges encountered when using T8 fluorescent lamps and how Superior Lighting's LED lights provide a solution.

Advantages of LED lights
In general, LED lighting has many benefits. The first is the significant life span of these bulbs. Not only are they better than fluorescent bulbs in this category, they are also more durable than incandescent bulbs. Although installation costs are high, they become cost-effective when you see the low electricity cost of switching to such bulbs. They also last longer physically. They are made of more durable materials and perform better in harsh environments or in crowded and busy work Spaces. They also have far less heat than other types of light bulbs, depending on their environment and industry, which can be a very useful feature.

See the following LED lights at Superior Lighting:

The LED light warehouse

LED ceiling lamp

LED office lamp

Disadvantages of using T8 fluorescent tubes
If you have decided to accept a higher initial installation cost, the T8 fluorescent will not save you as much money as leds. You'll also find that fluorescent bulbs are hardly as customizable as leds. They are not always dimmable. Depending on where the lights are installed, some models tend to produce an irritating buzz that can have an impact on employees or customers. Fluorescent lights can also flicker, another irritant. Obviously, some of these relate to manufacturers, but as we speak in the context of cost efficiency, you may encounter models that fit your budget.

The mercury content of fluorescent bulbs is one of the technology's biggest drawbacks. Advanced lighting customers may be looking for overhead lights that can be used in supermarkets or warehouses. Having an accident with a ladder, forklift or broom handle, suddenly a large number of products may become unusable due to potential mercury exposure. If your employees or products are exposed to fluorescent bulbs, the amount of this highly toxic substance, while small, is very small in fluorescent bulbs.

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