Tips for Selecting the Perfect Dorcy Flashlight

Dorcy flashlights have a long lineage of proven lighting solutions that can be purchased in any major retail outlet. When purchasing a Dorcy Flashlight you can expect reliability, durability, and efficiency.
In addition to flashlights, Dorcy also manufactures their own light bulbs and batteries to make sure they operate properly with the flashlight of choice. Unlike other flashlight manufacturers, Dorcy's ability to manufacture multiple flashlight components allows them to honor warranties more effectively.
Dorcy Flashlight are affordable and have a price range of $10 to $50 (pricing depends on your lighting requirements). Dorcy offers a variety of flashlights that are unsurpassed. Dorcy's Standard and LED flashlights can be categorized as follows:
> Spotlight
> Metal Gear
> Multi-function
> Renewable energy
With Dorcy some flashlights offered are the LED multi-function light (41-4257) which can be stored in a glove compartment, a rubber 80 lumen flashlight (41-2968) which can be stored in a kitchen drawer, and the LED magnet swivel flashlight (41-2387) which can be kept in a truck. In addition a Dorcy flashlight offers lumen strength lights between 25 and 500 which is a measure of the "amount" of visible light emitted by the light. In any scenario you can be assured that a reliable flashlight will be at hand when needed.
As you commence your search for a flashlight you need to ask yourself what you plan on using the flashlight for. For example, The Hawkeye (41-4279) offers 80 lumen, uses three triple A batteries, and is constructed of aluminum alloy. In addition, more than 100 feet of light can be emitted, 3 lenses (clear, blue, and red) are included, and measures less than 5 inches in length. Furthermore it comes with a pouch and belt clip which makes it perfect for technicians and contractors.
Other options are the Incredible Floating (41-2510), the LED Aluminum penlight (46-4400), or the Dynamo Flashlight & Radio (41-4274) which uses a hand crank to charge. The 41-4274 also comes with an emergency siren and a cell phone charger. Some flashlights like the Chroma Pocket (41-2493) or LED Combo pack (41-4247) are just over 3.5 inches long which can fit in your pocket. If a "hands free" option is required, the 115 lumens LED headlamp (41-2098) may more suitable.
In conclusion, quality, durability, reliability, and efficiency can be found with Dorcy flashlight products however before making a purchase make sure you ask yourself what your lighting requirements are. If you don't ask yourself these questions you may find yourself on the short end of the flashlight knob.

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